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Are you or an adult you know, experiencing loneliness and want to get out in the community but lack the confidence to do so?

The Community Connectors could help. Community Connectors provide short term support, usually about 6-8 weeks, to help individuals take the first steps to getting out and about in their community.

Holli, 29 from Fratton, wanted to join a confidence building course but needed help to take the first steps. “Sharon my Community Connector was great. She helped me get over the initial hurdle of joining a new class with people I didn’t know. Sharon came along with me to a couple of sessions and I soon felt ready to go on my own. I’d really recommend Community Connectors to anyone who needs a bit of support to get out and about more.” A Community Connector will meet with the individual and will talk to them about their interests.

This time is about getting to know the person, their interests and what they would like to achieve to alleviate their loneliness. This could be pursuing old interests, visiting a friend, attending a social group or activity class, using public transport – the list is endless and really does depend on what the individual identifies. Everything that is put in place has to be self-sustainable so that the individual is able to continue on their own after the Community Connector has moved on. We have just two eligibility criteria: the individual needs to be over 18 years old and be able to get out of their homes independently.

The project is about empowering the individual to do things for themselves. The project can signpost to other agencies/resources if this would be more appropriate. For further information please call 023 9284 1762 or email