Parents may educate their children at home (elective home education), rather than at school, if they choose to do so. There are guidelines and a leaflet for parents available to download below.

For more information contact the school attendance service on 023 9284 1419 or email

Education Otherwise is one of the organisations who provide advice for home educators. also provides more information on home education.

Elective home education

If you intend to home educate and your child is already registered at a school, you are required to deregister that child from school in writing, so that your child’s name can be removed from the school roll. You can re-enrol your child at school at any time and this can be done through our usual admission process.

For further information or advice contact the school attendance service on the number above.

If your child is not registered at a school, please let Portsmouth City Council know in writing that you are intending to home educate.

The council has a responsibility to ensure all children are receiving an adequate education. This means we will discuss your home education plans with you, and may ask you to provide examples of work, or we may wish to make a home visit.

If we feel the arrangements you have made are not satisfactory, you will be given a reasonable period of time to improve the situation.  If, after this time, we are still not satisfied with your arrangements, the council may initiate school attendance order proceedings.

Children in employment and entertainment

Portsmouth City Council has legal responsibilities relating to children in employment and entertainment. These responsibilities are discharged by the school attendance service.

Follow the links for further information on children in entertainment and children in employment.