Meet the Lurking Trolls! An army of gruesome characters created to help children learn how to stay safe online.

Let former CBeebies presenter, Joanna Adeyinka-Burford, introduce you to the troublesome trolls.


Video for parents and carers:
Video for junior school children:

The internet should be a fun, safe space to explore, engage with friends and learn more about the world. Unfortunately children may come across harmful, confusing or even dangerous things online. We want children to be able to spot potential perils online, know what to do if something goes wrong and how to recover from any difficulties or upsets.

With story books, cartoons and a website packed full of troll-tastic tools and tips, these lurking trolls can help children learn about online safety in a fun and engaging way. The website is also full of information and advice for parents and carers.

It helps families get talking about online safety, how to stay safe on the internet, and what to do if something goes wrong when you’re gaming, using social media or searching online. Visit

Read the books

Written in simple terms, and with colourful illustrations, the two trolls books, Beware of Lurking Trolls and Perils of the Possessed Pets, focus on important messages about being safe online and tackle issues like bullying, fake news, viruses and radicalisation. The books are available at schools and libraries in Portsmouth.  Children can also listen to and watch narrated versions at

Watch the cartoons

Get to know the trolls and their grisly ways by watching our lurking trolls cartoons – learn how to spot the troll and defeat them alongside friends Emma, Navya, Theo and Elliot. The cartoons are a great way open up conversations with children about online safety. The cartoons have been created especially for the campaign by master-animators, Rival Animation.

Meet the trolls

Get to know these dastardly tricksters better. At you can read fun fact-files about the cast of 11 trolls and listen to their favourite troll-tastic tunes

Information for grown-ups

In response to the challenges parents, carers and schools face in helping children stay safe online, the Local Safeguarding Children Partnerships (LSCPs) in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton have launched the Lurking Trolls campaign.

It is designed for 7 to 11-year-olds with the aim of building their digital resilience. We don’t want to stop children being online so we hope that this campaign will help children to better understand when they may be at risk, know what to do if something goes wrong, and be able to recover from any difficulties or upsets.

If you’re a parent or carer: why not borrow a copy of the Peril of the Possessed Pets book from school or local library. You can also listen to the book and watch trolls cartoons with your child at

There is also lots of information and advice on how to talk to your child about online safety, how to help them stay safe online, and what to do if something goes wrong.

If you’re a teacher or professional: As well as the books and cartoons, there are seven resource packs, containing ideas for activities and examples of how you can use the trolls to support learning about online safety and elements of relationships education. If you’d like to access the resources, order books for your school or organisation, or find out more about the campaign, please contact