Clarification of stretched places

An eligible child is able to access a funded place for up to 570 hours over a year.

Funded places can be accessed as a term time only place (TTO); up to 15 hours per week over 38 weeks of the term (following the school term dates).

Funded places can also be accessed as a stretched place, where a child accesses less hours per week over more weeks e.g. 11 hours per week over 51 weeks. Funded places are then claimed for each funding period i.e. Spring, Summer, Autumn

The number of weekly hours to be claimed for a stretched place should be calculated by dividing 570 hours (the maximum yearly entitlement) by the number of weeks the childcare provision is open and providing funded places e.g. 570 hours divided by weeks = 11.4 hours per week. The weekly hours should then be claimed for each funding period.

When a stretched funded place is being accessed the number of funded weeks that can be claimed for each funding period is as follows:
Summer funding period = up to 22 weeks
Autumn funding period = up to 17 weeks
Spring funding period = up to 13 weeks


Child A is eligible for 30 hour funding (Universal and extended), is accessing a stretched place over 52 weeks of the year and the provider wishes to claim funding for the spring term. The child also has an additional 10 hours per week which is paid for by the parent.

Calculations should be as follows:
570 hours divided by 52 weeks = 10.96 hours per week, the 10.96 hours per week should then be multiplied by 13 weeks (the number of weeks for the term) = 142.48 hours for the spring funding period