Fees with effect from April 1 2023

Part 1: Interment

The fees indicated for the various heads in part 1 and 2 include:

  • Digging of grave
  • All grave furnishings
  • Turfing after burial

The fees exclude the use of Cemetery Chapel.

Resident priceNon Resident price
1) Persons up to 18 yearsNo chargeNo charge
2) Adult grave prepared for 1 interment £729£1458
Adult grave prepared for 2 interments£862£1724
Adult grave prepared for 3 interments£980£1960
Adult grave prepared for 4 interments£1098£2196

Part 2: Cremated Remains

Resident priceNon-resident price
1) In a grave not exceeding 3' in depth£233£466
2) In a grave at full burial depth£498£996

Part 3: Grave purchase

Resident priceNon-resident price
Exclusive right of burial for 25 years (if applicable) £461£922
Exclusive right of burial for 50 years£922£1844
Exclusive right of burial for 99 years£1400£2800

Part 4: Use of chapels 

Resident priceNon-resident price
For the use of the Cemetery Chapel£81£162


The ‘use of chapel’ fees will normally be doubled when the person to be interred was not a resident of the City of Portsmouth at the time of death.

For cremated remains full burial depth is charged when a coffin burial space is available in the grave

Virgin graves can only be purchased for a minimum depth of two with 99 years purchase

Caskets not permitted in any of the Cemeteries

For Interments on Saturdays an additional £500 will be charged and are subject to Cemetery staff availability

Part 5: Inscriptions 

For the right to erect or place on a grave:

1) A lawnstone/Additional inscription to existing £136
2) Inscribed vase not exceeding 12" x 12" x 12"£30
3) Kerb stone or border stone (allowed on Jewish graves only in a special area within Kingston Cemetery)£157

Part 6: Miscellaneous 

1) For the preparation of the grave and for the strewing of cremated remains £55
2) For the exhumation of human remains At cost
3) Searching register of burial (5 year period)£35

Part 7: Services

Registration of devolved or assigned ownership of the Right of Burial£55
Adminisration fee£55
Temporary marker plaque £35