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Christmas and New Year rubbish and recycling collections

There are no changes to your usual recycling, rubbish or food waste collections this festive season.

Please put your rubbish and recycling out by 7am. If you miss your collection, you can take it to the Port Solent household waste recycling centre. It’s open seven days a week, except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Booking is required.

Healthcare waste: The Wednesday and Thursday collections will take place as usual.

There will be changes to the following services:

Green Waste Club: collections will be suspended for two weeks.

  • Last collection in 2021: Friday 17 December
  • First collection in 2022: Monday 3 January

Bulky waste: collections will be suspended for three weeks.

  • Last collection in 2021: Wednesday 22 December
  • First collection 2022: Tuesday 11 January

Glass: to reduce overflows, we’ll be laying on more collections at bottle banks over the holidays.

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Disposing of your festive waste

Here are some tips on how to dispose of your festive waste.

Put out with your recycling:

  • Christmas cards (remove ribbons, bows, batteries and sections with glitter)
  • Cardboard boxes from packaging (postal, toys, gifts, food, drinks)
  • Food and drinks cans
  • Plastic bottles with lids on
  • Empty aerosols

Find out what you can recycle at home

Put with your rubbish

Gift Wrap. Unfortunately, a lot of gift wrap contains plastic and foil or comes with plastic sticky tape. This CANNOT be recycled.

Take to your recycling bank

  • Glass bottles
  • Textiles
  • Drink cartons

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How to dispose of Christmas trees

Real trees should be cut up and put in your garden waste bin or taken to the Port Solent Household Waste Recycling Centre for composting (booking is essential) or the garden centre on Avenue De Caen, Southsea.

Trees under six feet tall can be put out with your rubbish for two weeks after Christmas.

For more information, call 023 9284 1105 or email

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Eco-friendly ideas for the festive season

In Portsmouth, more than 3 million Christmas cards – the equivalent of 1,000 trees – will end up being thrown away.

Meanwhile, a lot of wrapping paper can’t be recycled because it’s made using plastic. Do the scrunch test: if it springs back, it contains plastic.

Here are some alternative ideas to think about:

  • Choose e-cards instead to give the trees – and your wallet – a rest.
  • Use brown craft paper and string (rather than tape) and get creative (maybe by drawing on it) to add a personal touch.
  • Cut up old Christmas cards to make gift tags.
  • Tell friends and family you welcome second-hand gifts or gift experiences.

Tips for less festive food waste

  • Plan your Christmas meal with this handy guide from Love Food, Hate Waste to avoid food waste and giving our planet the best gift.
  • Get creative with savvier, cheaper ways to plan your festive meals and not putting much in the bin at all.
  • Buy loose vegetables and fruit from your local farmers market to avoid plastic packaging and don’t forget to take your own grocery bags.
  • Know your labels: When storing food, date labels are key to helping you prevent your food from going to waste. You can freeze your food up to and including the ‘use by’ date so it will stay safe for another time!
  • Check your fridge temperature. It needs to be below 5 degrees C. If your fridge doesn’t have a thermometer, get one and see.
  • If you’ve got a lot of leftovers, save them from the bin and stick it in the freezer after the celebrations.
  • If the food has already passed its prime and you’re part of Portsmouth’s food waste trial, then let it go to the food caddy so it can be turned into biogas and fertiliser. You can put all your food leftovers, raw and cooked, in the caddy.