Apply for an HWRC permit for your van or trailer

If you want to use your own van/work van, please ensure you have a permit from Portsmouth City Council to visit the Portsmouth site. Hampshire permits are not valid (the rules for using a hire van are different).

Permits to use the Portsmouth site are for Portsmouth residents only. Anyone who lives outside of Portsmouth will need to get a Hampshire permit to visit other Hampshire sites.

Portsmouth residents will be charged a £16 administration fee when applying for a permit for a commercial-type vehicle. Only one permit per household is permitted and is for household waste only. Please note that permits may take up to 10 working days to be delivered. It is recommended that you wait until receipt of your permit before booking your HWRC slot, as slots are only bookable up to seven days in advance.

To apply for a permit to visit the Portsmouth site – please fill our online form.

Other Hampshire sites have different specifications. If you would like to visit another site in Hampshire please visit Hampshire County Council for specifications and details on obtaining a permit.

Does my vehicle need a permit?

Any vehicle that is principally designed to carry goods, not people, will require a permit:

Admin fee

A £16 administration fee applies to each permit application. It costs approximately £16 for each permit to be processed. Previously these permits were issued free of charge, but due to the rising demand for services and ongoing financial pressures, introducing a £16 administration fee is necessary to cover the cost of issuing each permit.

What the permit provides

Permits are for the disposal of your own household waste only. It does not permit the disposal of business waste free of charge (this includes landlords clearing rental properties). For more information on business/trade waste charges, visit the Hampshire County Council website.

One permit allows 12 individual visits to the Portsmouth HWRC within a 12-month period. Once 12 visits have been made, the site staff will retain the permit and householders can reapply for another permit at a cost of £16.

If your permit has expired or all 12 visits have been used (whichever comes first) you will require a new permit.

No more than two permits (enabling 24 visits) may be issued to a household within a 12-month period.

If you own the vehicle to which a permit is assigned, any member of your household or another driver you designate can use the permit to visit the site in that vehicle and dispose of household waste, but this will count as one of the 12 allocated visits on the permit.

If you visit the HWRC more than once in one day, each visit will be counted separately, and your permit marked accordingly.

If you change your vehicle or address

Destroy your existing permit and reapply with your new details (please note this will incur a new administration fee of £16). The permit is only valid for the vehicle that appears on it.

A household may hold only one permit at a time. It is not permissible to apply for a permit for both a commercial-type vehicle and a large trailer.