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Dated: 21st April 2023

The Portsmouth City Council (King Charles III Coronation Street Parties) (Temporary Prohibition of Driving, Loading and Waiting) (No.138) Order 2023

Portsmouth City Council pursuant to arrangements made under Section 21 of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 intends to make an Order the effect of which is to prohibit vehicular traffic from proceeding in the roads and the lengths of roads set out below on 06/05/2023, 07/05/2023 and 08/05/2023.
(Parties are arranged by date and then street name.)


DateStart TimeEnd TimeRoad ClosedFromTo
06/05/202313:0020:00Avondale RoadBeecham RoadDead end
06/05/202314:0018:00Bath RoadDelamere RoadDevonshire Square
06/05/202310:0018:00Catisfield Road and Posbrooke RoadPosbrooke Road (In its entirety)Catisfield Road (From Meon Road junction to Locksway Road )
06/05/202312:0021:00Clegg RoadNo. 1 and No. 2No. 22 and No. 23
06/05/202310:0021:00Compton RoadWindermere RoadNo. 106 and No. 107
06/05/202313:0020:00Culver RoadSelsey AvenueDead end
06/05/202313:0016:00Exeter RoadHighland RoadFesting Grove
06/05/202311:0020:00Fawcett RoadTalbot RoadSutherland Road
06/05/202310:0021:00Festing GroveNettlestone RoadChitty Road
06/05/202310:0023:59Godwit Road (and Seagull Close)Seagull CloseSchooner Way
06/05/202309:0021:00Grayshott RoadWinter RoadFrensham Road
06/05/202316:0019:00Havelock Road (One Way)Outram RoadLorne Road
06/05/202306:0018:00Jervis RoadWidley RoadDead end
06/05/202312:3022:00Meon RoadMilton RoadCatisfield Road
06/05/202310:0019:00Oriel RoadLondon RoadGladys Avenue
06/05/202312:0020:30Second AvenueLower Farlington RoadHardy Road
06/05/202312:0021:00Shearer RoadBeecham RoadCranleigh Avenue
06/05/202309:0023:59Shirley AvenueDunbar Road/ Maurice RoadBernie Road
06/05/202312:0020:00Thurbern RoadNo. 49 and No. 64Randolph Road
06/05/202310:0022:00Trevis Road (Cul-de-Sac)Locksway RoadDead end
06/05/202314:0018:00Wimbledon Park RoadWorthing RoadNapier Road / Taswell Road
06/05/202312:0022:00WoodpathWoodpath HouseThe Retreat
07/05/202311:0021:00Aberdare AvenuePenrhyn AvenueDead end
07/05/202310:0021:00Agincourt RoadSultan RoadDead end
07/05/202313:0022:00Allen’s Road, SouthseaWaverley RoadWelch Road
07/05/202313:0018:00Aylward StreetQueen StreetKent Street
07/05/202310:0022:00Beverley GrovePortsdown Hill RoadWoodfield Avenue
07/05/202311:0021:00Bristol RoadHighland RoadFesting Grove
07/05/202309:0021:00Burbidge GroveEastern ParadeFesting Grove
07/05/202311:0022:00Carmarthen AvenueFrom No. 9 and No.10Dead end
07/05/202312:0022:00Castle RoadFrom No. 90 and 87From No. 68
07/05/202313:0019:00Chelmsford RoadFrom No. 43 and No. 44No. 65 and No. 66
07/05/202312:0018:00Chitty RoadCollins RoadFesting Grove
07/05/202312:3021:00Colville RoadBurrill AvenueEast Cosham Road
07/05/202312:0018:00Craneswater AvenueSide of No. 17 and No. 18Festing Grove
07/05/202312:0019:00Duncan RoadCollingwood RoadSt Vincent Road
07/05/202311:0020:00Durban RoadGlencoe RoadNo. 13
07/05/202312:0021:00Edgeware RoadMilton RoadEuston Road
07/05/202311:0020:00Essex RoadWinter RoadClovelly Road
07/05/202311:3018:00First Avenue, Farlington.Lower Farlington Road (No. 67 – No. 101  only)St Andrews Road
07/05/202309:0023:00Frensham RoadLiss RoadHeyshott Road
07/05/202309:0023:59Gains RoadWaverley RoadWelch Road
07/05/202312:0018:00Glencoe RoadDurban RoadHampshire Street
07/05/202309:3021:00Grant RoadGalt RoadGillman Road
07/05/202314:0021:00Haslemere Road (and Liss Road)Bramshott RoadWinter Road
07/05/202314:0020:00Henley RoadBath Road/Northcote RoadAlbert Road
07/05/202313:0021:00Horsea Road, HilseaJunction of South Avenue.Junction of Midway Road
07/05/202315:0019:00Hunter Road34 Hunter Road31 Hatfield Road
07/05/202309:0019:00Inhurst RoadLondon RoadRandolph Road
07/05/202312:0018:00Kenyon RoadKirby RoadMayfield Road
07/05/202311:0022:00Kinross CrescentOld Manor Way (East junction)Old Manor Way (west junction)
07/05/202310:3016:00Kintyre Road (Cul-de-Sac only)No. 28Side of No. 22
07/05/202308:0019:00Kirby RoadFearon RoadRandolph Road
07/05/202311:0022:30Laburnum GroveKensington RoadCopnor Road
07/05/202314:0022:00Marion RoadBembridge CrescentCraneswater Avenue
07/05/202312:0022:30Marsh Close (Cul-de-Sac)Stroudley AvenueDead end
07/05/202312:0023:00Meyrick Road Link Road Side Of 41Knox RoadMeyrick road
07/05/202312:0021:00Mulberry Avenue (Cul-de-Sac)Mulberry LaneDead end
07/05/202312:0018:00Onslow RoadSt Catherine Street6 Onslow Road
07/05/202312:3017:00Oyster Street and St Thomas’s StreetHigh StreetLombard Street
07/05/202314:0023:00Sea View RoadFarlington AvenuePortsdown Avenue
07/05/202309:0023:30South RoadNo. 1B and No. 2ANo. 24 and No. 27
07/05/202310:3022:30St Ronan’s Avenue (Cul-de-Sac)St Ronan’s RoadDead end
07/05/202309:0017:30Stanley StreetRichmond PlaceLennox Road North
07/05/202312:0018:00Taswell Road10 Taswell Road41 Taswell Road
07/05/202313:0020:00The Haven (Cul-de-Sac)No. 5 and No. 14Dead end
07/05/202308:0019:00Union streetHanover StreetDead end
07/05/202311:0015:00Upper Arundel StreetArundel StreetEast Surrey Street
07/05/202312:0018:00Waverley GroveNo. 13St Ronan’s Road
07/05/202312:3021:30Wilberforce Road (Cul-de-Sac)St Edwards RoadDead end
07/05/202308:0021:30Wilton TerraceMarmion RoadDead end
07/05/202312:0020:00Windermere RoadTorrington RoadMerrivale Road
07/05/202312:0021:00Worsley streetCromwell RoadKassassin Street
08/05/202313:0020:00Carisbrooke Road (and Apsley Road)Ruskin Road (on Carisbrooke Road)Claydon Avenue (on Apsley Road)
08/05/202312:0020:00Chelsea RoadVictoria GroveNo. 29 Chelsea Road
08/05/202312:0017:00Widley RoadCourtmount GroveWidley Road Footpath At South End Leading To Havant Road.

The above restrictions are necessary for a King Charles III Coronation Street Party to be held.

Traffic will be diverted to adjacent local roads.

A copy of the Order may be requested from

Assistant Director of Regeneration (Transport), Portsmouth City Council, Civic Offices, Portsmouth PO1 2NE