Funded by UK Government

The Department for Transport (DfT) has granted additional funds to Portsmouth City Council from the Road Resurfacing Fund for 2023/2024 financial year. This grant is funded by the Government to improve local highways maintenance, particularly for the resurfacing of carriageways, cycleways, and footways to prevent potholes and other road defects from occurring.

Portsmouth have been awarded £225,000 through the Network North plan and £317,600 of additional funds in the 2023 budget.  This is a welcomed support to the total funding that is used each year on Portsmouth Roads.

The council’s contactor Colas carries out a lot of repairs on the roads including everything from replacing broken footway slabs and kerbs to resurfacing, fixing potholes and repainting the white lines so they remain clear to see. All the work which has been done last year will be published on this web site soon.

Data has shown that Portsmouth is among the best cities nationally for road quality, according to the NHT Public Satisfaction Survey 2023, which places the council in the top-three in the country for most Highways maintenance indicators. However, there is always more work we can do.

The additional financial support, which was made possible by reallocated HS2 funding, will further help our ongoing work to maintain the city’s road network.

2023/24: Improvements to streets

Roads (where work is planned)WardType of workIndicative costSurface areaBenefits
Auckland Road WestSt JudeCarriageway resurfacing£20,000260
  • Road deterioration repaired
  • Protect future highway revenue budgets
The CircleSt JudeCarriageway resurfacing£35,0001,110
  • Road deterioration repaired
  • Protect future highway revenue budgets
Cousins GroveEastney and CraneswaterCarriageway resurfacing£45,0001,210
  • Address signs of fretting, crazing, surface deterioration, patching, and some localised deformation
  • Protect future highway revenue budgets
Crasswell StreetCharles DickensCarriageway resurfacing£75,0002,040
  • Address signs of fretting, crazing, surface deterioration, patching, and some localised deformation
  • Improve access to shops, local community centre and parking area
  • Protect future highway revenue budgets
Seafield RoadBaffinsCarriageway resurfacing£50,0001,080
  • Road deterioration repaired
  • Improve access to residential area and local shops
  • Protect future highway revenue budgets

2024/25: Further improvements to streets

We will be using the additional money received through the Network North plan to help us continue to deliver road improvements in 24/25 and beyond. Further information on forthcoming improvements planned in 2024/25 will be published here in due course.

Stopping the continual digging up of the road

It can be very annoying to see new works on the carriage way being dug up again in a short space of time, perhaps by utility companies.

The council does its best to prevent this through the use of its powers given to it by government in the form of a “permit to work” scheme. This means it can help prevent the repeated digging up of the carriageway.

Of course, if there is an emergency, such as a gas leak, then the utility company will have to come in quickly and carry out the repair to keep everyone safe.


Portsmouth City Council delivers highways maintenance through a PFI with Colas Portsmouth which is itself innovative in being the first such arrangement in the UK.

Through this arrangement the contractor, Colas, provides the complete service, from investment and design right through to project delivery and aftercare. One of the benefits of this arrangement is that the wider involvement of Colas Group ensures that local solutions are informed by the latest innovations available to this world leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure.

Please visit our Highway Management webpage for more information on how we manage maintenance of the roads, street lights and drainage and how to report an issue.