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This page is a guide to the different charges for street parking in Portsmouth and when these charges apply. There will be signs when you park to check exact charges and hours of operation.

For more information contact us at Parking. Office opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.

Paying for parking

You can pay for parking on your mobile using RingGo or with cash at one of our ticket machines.

RingGo lets you pay for your parking with a credit or debit card using your mobile phone.

When you park your car in an area featuring the RingGo service, contact RingGo using the iPhone or Android app, by calling, texting or online, and pay for your parking by phone.

RingGo allows you to top up your parking fee to extend your stay, and print off VAT receipts.

RingGo location codes are listed in the second table and on all parking machines.


Finding on-street pay and display parking in Portsmouth is set to become easier with the introduction of a new smart parking system, AppyParking. Visitors using the AppyParking app will be able to drive straight to a pay and display parking space which will help to reduce congestion on the roads and reduce air pollution.

What is AppyParking?

It is a new mobile app that enables drivers to find available on-street pay and display spaces thanks to smart sensors being installed in bays across Portsmouth. Drivers can also start pay-as-you-go parking sessions with a single click.

How does it work?

The AppyParking app displays real-time availability of spaces, so people looking for a vacant on street pay and display bay can easily find one. By reducing the time people drive around looking for a space the scheme can help reduce road congestion and help to improve our air quality.

What if I park on a pay and display space? Do I need to use the AppyParking app to pay for parking?

If you park in an on street pay and display parking space you will have the choice of paying the usual way (using the meter with cash or Ringo), or through the AppyParking app. You will only be charged by AppyParking if you use their app. One Click Parking is only available through the AppyParking app, enabling you to pay by the minute once the minimum stay at that location as been reached.

Will AppyParking know if I am parked on a pay and display space?

If you park over a sensor, it will only know that a car is present.  If you pay using AppyParking the system will know you have parked at the location. This is no different from the current system which provides the ability to pay by phone. Subject to a minimum charge, you will pay for the time you are parked within the bay and the sensor will recognise when you leave and stop charging from that point.

How much has it cost the council to install AppyParking?

AppyParking have funding from VISA to pay for the sensors and will also pay for other equipment to be installed and maintained during a two-year pilot period. During this time we will evaluate the benefits of the system and decide whether or not to continue to use it.


Coach parking charges at apply 8am-6pm, seven days a week including bank holidays and cost £1 per hour up to four hours, or £5 all day parking. There is parking for coaches in Cascades Approach, St Georges Road, Museum Road and Clarence Esplanade. The RingGo code for coach parking is 1337.


Different areas of the city have different car parking charges. The first table shows charges in various areas of Portsmouth. The second table shows which area applies to which street. This information is a guide to hours of operation and charges. Please refer to signs at location for exact charges and hours of operation.

Charging areas and parking costs

AreaDuration of stay / cost
City CentreUp to 1
Up to 2
Up to 3
Up to 4
Up to 5
Over 5
DistrictUp to 1
Up to 2
Up to 3
Up to 4
Up to 6
Up to 8
24 hours £10
Prime£1 per 20 minutes
SeafrontUp to 1
Up to 2
Up to 3
Up to 4
Up to 6
Up to 8
24 hours £12
Cosham /
Up to 1
Up to 2
Up to 3
Up to 4
Up to 6
Up to 8
24 hours £10

The table below lists all streets covered by parking charges, their RingGo location codes and which charging area applies. Users of these services will be charged a 20p transaction fee.

Charges apply seven days a week unless stated otherwise.

 LocationCharging AreaHours of
Alec Rose LaneCity centre24 hours1301
Anglesea RoadCity centre8am – 6pm1302
Arundel StreetCity centre8am – 6pm1303
Avenue de CaenSeafront8am – 6pm1335
Bellevue TerraceSeafront8am – 6pm1336
Bishop Crispian Way (charges do not apply on a Sunday)City centre24 hours1312
Bridport StreetCity centre8am – 6pm1348
Broad StreetCity centre8am – 6pm1320
Burnaby RoadCity centre8am – 6pm1306
Cambridge RoadCity centre8am – 6pm1307
Canal WalkCity centre8am – 6pm1308
Charles Dickens StreetCity centre24 hours1301
Clarence Esplanade – Part prime and part seafront parkingPrime
8am – 6pm1294
Clarence ParadeSeafront8am – 6pm1335
College Street – maximum stay of 2 hoursPrime8am – 6pm1295
Dugald Drummond Street City centre24 hours1253
Duisburg WaySeafront8am – 6pm1333
Eastney Esplanade (March to October only)Seafront8am – 6pm1356
East Surrey StreetCity centre8am – 6pm1349
Elm Grove (1 hour free with a non-paying ticket from a pay & display machine)City Centre8am – 6pm1365
Exchange Road (west side)City centre8am – 5pm1548
Exchange Road (east side)City centre24 hours1313
Flathouse RoadDistrict24 hours1347
Fratton RoadCosham /
8am – 6pm1200
Grand ParadeSeafront8am – 6pm1343
Greetham StreetCity centre8am – 6pm1316
Guildhall WalkCity centre8am – 5pm1362
Gunwharf RoadCity centre24 hours1254
Hampshire TerraceCity centre24 hours1318
Heathfield Road – charges apply Monday – SaturdayDistrict8am – 6pm1350
Henderson RoadSeafront8am – 6pm

June to August

High Street, CoshamCosham /
8am – 6pm1319
High Street, Old PortsmouthCity centre8am – 6pm1320
Jack Cockerill WaySeafront8am – 6pm1335
Jubilee TerraceSeafront8am – 6pm1336
King Henry 1st StreetCity centre8am – 6pm1324
King Henry 1st StreetCity centre24 hours1543
Kings RoadCity centre8am – 6pm1357
Kings TerraceSeafront8am – 6pm1336
Kingston Crescent – charges apply Monday – SaturdayDistrict8am – 6pm1350
Lake RoadCity centre8am – 6pm1326
Landport TerraceCity centre8am – 6pm1327
Landport View – maximum stay of 1 hourPrime8am – 6pm1296
London Road District8am – 6pm

Mon to Sat

Long Curtain RoadSeafront8am – 6pm1333
Lower Church Path – maximum stay of 2 hoursPrime8am – 6pm1297
Melbourne PlaceCity centre24 hours1358
Museum RoadCity centre8am – 6pm1547
Nancy RoadDistrict8am – 6pm1252
Paradise Street – maximum stay of 1 hourPrime8am – 6pm1299
Pembroke RoadSeafront8am – 6pm1343
Pier RoadSeafront8am – 6pm1333
Portland RoadSeafront8am – 6pm1255
Queen StreetCity centre8am – 6pm1330
Selbourne TerraceDistrict8am – 6pm1314
Slindon Street –  maximum stay of 1 hourPrime8am – 6pm1300
South ParadeSeafront8am – 6pm1335
Southsea Esplanade (March to October only)Seafront8am – 6pm1356
Southsea TerraceSeafront8am – 6pm1336
Stanhope RoadCity centre24 hours1341
Station Street (north side)Prime8am – 6pm1298
Station Street (south side)City centre24 hours1544
St Georges RoadCity centre8am – 6pm1306
St Georges SquareCity centre24 hours1353
St James’s RoadCity centre8am – 6pm1340
St Michael’s RoadCity centre24 hours1338
St Pauls RoadCity centre24 hours1339
St Vincent StreetCity centre24 hours1355
The Hard (eastern end)City centre24 hours1344
The Hard (western end)City centre8am – 6pm1330
Trimmer’s CourtCity centre8am – 6pm1250
Upper Arundel StreetCity centre8am – 6pm1342
Victoria AvenueSeafront8am – 6pm1343
Waltham StreetCity centre24 hours1354
Western ParadeSeafront8am – 6pm1541
White Swan RoadCity centre8am – 6pm1317