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In 2012 we carried out a consultation on residents’ parking. Here is a summary of the responses, followed by the results in more detail.

Number of responses received: 1,194

  • Answering as a resident: 1,164
  • Answering as a business: 23
  • Other: 8

Would you support a parking scheme to cover the whole city?

  • Yes: 550
  • No: 603

Do you have off-street parking available?

  • Yes: 349
  • No: 846

What do you think of the current residential parking situation in your local area?

Top responses, ranked by the number of responses.

wdt_IDTop responsesResident respondentsRespondents who are also in a parking scheme
1Parking availability is very poor; there are not enough spaces, congested1946
2Parking is not a problem in my area; scheme would be a waste of time1642
3The parking scheme we have works very well134134
4Many commercial vehicles and vans park at night and over the weekend1202
5Overflow vehicles from adjoining scheme makes parking difficult or impossible1146
6Parking problem is due to multi occupancy houses and student accommodation703
7Parking is particularly an issue in the evenings and at weekends521
8The scheme is not well enforced, particularly in the evenings and during events3832
9The scheme makes it difficult to have visitors or it's unfair to pay if no car3728
10A parking scheme would be very welcome320

Responses made by 1-10 people:

wdt_ID1-10 people respondedResident respondents
1Parking schemes do not guarantee a space7
2Three hours’ free parking is too long – should be reduced to an hour6
3NHS staff use the road as a car park4
4A scheme would help overnight – no problem during the day4
5People parking outside schools causes problems and congestion4
6Station commuters take up a lot of spaces3
7Parking gets busy with the tourists3
8The scheme should be increased to 24 hours a day3
9Parking scheme is just to make money3
10Overflow parking from Highbury College causes problems2

How do you feel about residents’ parking across the city?

Top responses, ranked by the number of responses.

wdt_IDTop responsesResident respondentsAnd in a parking scheme
1Do not agree with it, waste of money, doesn’t guarantee a space17829
2The scheme is a great idea16835
3It moves the problem on, instead of dealing with it (displacement parking)8613
4The scheme I live within works well8025
5The scheme should cover the whole of the city or none at all6010
6Expensive for visitors, restricted on length of stay, unfair on residents with no car5912
7It seems to be a fair policy588
8The parking situation in the city is very poor585
9It should be in some key areas, but not all498
10Can’t comment / don’t know4416

Responses made by 1-10 people:

wdt_ID1-10 people respondedResident respondents
1Schemes should only be introduced if 75% of the residents agree to it10
2The scheme will drive away tourism10
3Too restrictive for local businesses, landlords and tradesmen10
4More should be done to encourage people not to bring / use cars into the city9
5I have mixed feelings about parking schemes8
6Students should have one car per household policy7
7Schemes just make money for the council6
8Not enough thought given to residents’ needs4
9All zones should have the same free parking time4
10A resident permit should cover you for the whole city3

How do you think residents’ parking schemes can be improved?

Top responses, ranked by the number of responses.

wdt_IDTop responsesResident respondentsAnd in a parking scheme
1Commercial vehicles should not be allowed to park on residential streets15420
2Residents’ Parking should be citywide or scrapped altogether14123
3Cancel the residents’ parking scheme13125
4Stronger enforcement of the parking schemes day and night8755
5Each household should have one free permit for visitors to use8432
6Unable to comment / Don’t know505
7No improvements needed4924
8Residents should be able to park in any zone in the city, not just their own3211
9Bays should be marked per house to prevent bad parking309
10Parking restrictions should only be in place evenings and weekends243

Responses made by 1-10 people:

wdt_ID1-10 people respondedResident respondents
1We want residents’ parking in our road10
2More focus on transport improvements and cycling options9
3The university should provide parking or Park & Ride for students9
4Encourage people to use their off-road parking8
5Do not issue permits to students8
6There should be no limit on permits allowed7
7Tradesmen should have permits so they don’t pass on the cost to clients6
8Implement more one-way systems5
9One permit per household5
10There should be one parking bay allocated to each house4

Further comments

Top responses, ranked by the number of responses.

wdt_IDTop responsesResident respondentsAnd in a parking scheme
1Employees should not bring home commercial/work vans/lorries, they should be left at a work depot - or have a park and ride scheme for commercial vans1084
2The scheme should be citywide or scrapped413
3I vote against the residents parking schemes: they do not work370
4Free visitor permit per house, paying unfair / senior citizens can’t afford for people to visit3417
5The university needs to provide student parking or the students should not be allowed to bring their cars into the city238
6The scheme needs to be 'policed' better and more often, people park for days without getting a ticket, especially in the evenings when problems occur3211
7Cheaper, more effective public transport would stop people using cars/reduce no. of cars192
8Flats should not be built/Houses converted into flats if they can't provide adequate parking for their residents162
9I am very happy with the residents parking scheme in my road1515
10We should have a permanent park and ride, just outside the city153

Responses made by 1-10 people:

wdt_ID1-10 people respondedResident respondentsAnd in a parking scheme
1Scheme has been introduced recently and did not improve the parking situation98
2Detrimental effect on small local businesses, especially Kings Theatre and Albert Road shops/pubs/restaurants73
3Staff at the hospital should have free/cheap parking, so that they do not park in residential streets73
4People should be encouraged/forced to use their off road parking, to free up road parking space60
5Portsmouth is not big enough to accommodate everyone owning a car or two!63
6The parking situation in Southsea is so bad we are considering moving62
7Residents parking scheme should be throughout Portsmouth and residents are allowed to park anywhere within Portsmouth, no restrictions60
8I do not know enough about the schemes to be able to comment42
9Must ensure that disabled bays are still necessary for their owners40
10People need to work to make ends meet, some have to bring home work vans: that’s life30

The comments below were each made by one respondent:

  • The survey will make it possible to make an informed decision as to whether local problems can be solved by residents’ parking schemes
  • A car was left outside my address unattended for three months
  • I think the survey is biased and unfair, the majority of people do not want the scheme
  • Tradesman should have a permit that allows them to work during the day
  • Have a clear strategy that ties in with the city’s regeneration, tourism, planning, environmental strategies and plans
  • Put the council tax towards centres for young mums and the elderly
  • There should be a cap on the amount of permits allowed per property
  • The vote should be based on the percentage of votes returned, not the amount of forms sent out
  • It is important that all junctions and roads are maintained for emergency and delivery vehicles
  • Can you please make East of Broad Street residential
  • There should only be one car registered for a disabled space, not all the cars from that household
  • People park in front of my dropped curb, which causes problems
  • I am very happy with the service the council provides
  • The current system does not allow for car sharing