In 2012 we carried out a consultation on residents’ parking. Here is a summary of the responses, followed by the results in more detail.

Number of responses received: 1,194

  • Answering as a resident: 1,164
  • Answering as a business: 23
  • Other: 8

Would you support a parking scheme to cover the whole city?

  • Yes: 550
  • No: 603

Do you have off-street parking available?

  • Yes: 349
  • No: 846

What do you think of the current residential parking situation in your local area?

Top responses, ranked by the number of responses.

wdt_ID Top responses Resident respondents Respondents who are also in a parking scheme
1 Parking availability is very poor; there are not enough spaces, congested 194 6
2 Parking is not a problem in my area; scheme would be a waste of time 164 2
3 The parking scheme we have works very well 134 134
4 Many commercial vehicles and vans park at night and over the weekend 120 2
5 Overflow vehicles from adjoining scheme makes parking difficult or impossible 114 6
6 Parking problem is due to multi occupancy houses and student accommodation 70 3
7 Parking is particularly an issue in the evenings and at weekends 52 1
8 The scheme is not well enforced, particularly in the evenings and during events 38 32
9 The scheme makes it difficult to have visitors or it's unfair to pay if no car 37 28
10 A parking scheme would be very welcome 32 0
11 The scheme isn't effective, or was recently introduced and is unnecessary 29 23
12 Parking is only a problem on football match days and other events days 18 2
13 Vehicles park inconsiderately 16 3
14 I am always able to find a space, but not necessarily outside my house 14 1

Responses made by 1-10 people:

wdt_ID 1-10 people responded Resident respondents
1 Parking schemes do not guarantee a space 7
2 Three hours’ free parking is too long – should be reduced to an hour 6
3 NHS staff use the road as a car park 4
4 A scheme would help overnight – no problem during the day 4
5 People parking outside schools causes problems and congestion 4
6 Station commuters take up a lot of spaces 3
7 Parking gets busy with the tourists 3
8 The scheme should be increased to 24 hours a day 3
9 Parking scheme is just to make money 3
10 Overflow parking from Highbury College causes problems 2
11 The streets are too narrow for the amount of cars trying to park 2
12 Areas should be constantly re-assessed 2
13 Not happy paying for a second vehicle 2
14 The scheme should cover the whole area 2
15 Parking is ok, sometimes have to drive round to find a space 1
16 Cars sold illegally in the street 1
17 Policemen from the station park without consideration 1
18 Scheme should operate Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm 1
19 Improvements are needed to the roads as well as to parking 1
20 The permit itself should be bigger 1
21 I have a motorbike, as it is easy to park 1
22 I don’t have a car 1
23 Residents with garages should be made to use them 1
24 Parking should be restricted to one side of the road only 1
25 Parking scheme has a negative impact on local businesses 1
26 The scheme should not include any commercial vehicles 1

How do you feel about residents’ parking across the city?

Top responses, ranked by the number of responses.

wdt_ID Top responses Resident respondents And in a parking scheme
1 Do not agree with it, waste of money, doesn’t guarantee a space 178 29
2 The scheme is a great idea 168 35
3 It moves the problem on, instead of dealing with it (displacement parking) 86 13
4 The scheme I live within works well 80 25
5 The scheme should cover the whole of the city or none at all 60 10
6 Expensive for visitors, restricted on length of stay, unfair on residents with no car 59 12
7 It seems to be a fair policy 58 8
8 The parking situation in the city is very poor 58 5
9 It should be in some key areas, but not all 49 8
10 Can’t comment / don’t know 44 16
11 It needs to be strictly enforced, day and night 38 17
12 Company vans should not be given permits 37 4
13 Good idea in roads close to town and shops, but not on the edge of the City 32 6
14 Affordable car parks would free up residents’ roads from tourists and shoppers 19 5
15 We already pay council tax/road tax and should not have to pay more fees 15 2
16 The city has too many vehicles and not enough parking spaces 15 3
17 Hard to implement a scheme where households have 3-4 cars 12 1
18 The scheme is too restrictive 11 2
19 New housing developments and flats are built, with no parking space for them 19 1

Responses made by 1-10 people:

wdt_ID 1-10 people responded Resident respondents
1 Schemes should only be introduced if 75% of the residents agree to it 10
2 The scheme will drive away tourism 10
3 Too restrictive for local businesses, landlords and tradesmen 10
4 More should be done to encourage people not to bring / use cars into the city 9
5 I have mixed feelings about parking schemes 8
6 Students should have one car per household policy 7
7 Schemes just make money for the council 6
8 Not enough thought given to residents’ needs 4
9 All zones should have the same free parking time 4
10 A resident permit should cover you for the whole city 3
11 Lower parking charges to spread parking across the city, not just in free roads 3
12 The current scheme does not work 3
13 Scheme is unfair on people who have to park work vans at home 2
14 Free parking period should be reduced to 1 hour 2
15 In a citywide scheme, the signage would have to be clear to separate areas 2
16 There should be three hours of free parking 1
17 If the whole city has residents’ parking, where will non-residents park? 1
18 Scheme makes it impossible for people to move freely around the city 1
19 Everyone should be able to park their car outside their house 1
20 The scheme is not fair on students 1
21 I don’t think the schemes will last 1
22 Permits should cover the whole city, free for disabled people 1
23 Paint individual parking bays 1
24 Scheme is a good idea for weekdays 1
25 Those paying council tax for garages would be penalised by a scheme 1
26 I do not agree to having to pay to change/amend a permit 1
27 The zones are too small 1
28 Residents should be made to use their garages 1
29 There should be no charge for a second vehicle 1
30 Parking is not too bad 1
31 Tax payers should get free parking on the seafront 1
32 Two hours’ free parking doesn’t help with football traffic on match days 1

How do you think residents’ parking schemes can be improved?

Top responses, ranked by the number of responses.

wdt_ID Top responses Resident respondents And in a parking scheme
1 Commercial vehicles should not be allowed to park on residential streets 154 20
2 Residents’ Parking should be citywide or scrapped altogether 141 23
3 Cancel the residents’ parking scheme 131 25
4 Stronger enforcement of the parking schemes day and night 87 55
5 Each household should have one free permit for visitors to use 84 32
6 Unable to comment / Don’t know 50 5
7 No improvements needed 49 24
8 Residents should be able to park in any zone in the city, not just their own 32 11
9 Bays should be marked per house to prevent bad parking 30 9
10 Parking restrictions should only be in place evenings and weekends 24 3
11 Make it easier and cheaper to buy visitor permits; online would work well 21 9
12 Only put in residents’ parking where necessary and residents agree 18 3
13 Maximum of two permits per household 17 4
14 Inexpensive council-run car parks across the city 16 4
15 Park and Ride / Secure parking for commercial vehicles 15 3
16 Parking should be increased to 3-4 hours; two not enough 15 6
17 One free permit per household, then a lot more for additional permits 14 3
18 Reduce the free parking for non-residents to one hour 13 11
19 Flats should not be allowed to be built without relevant parking 12 0
20 Schemes are only needed in shopping and tourist areas, and Seafront 11 3

Responses made by 1-10 people:

wdt_ID 1-10 people responded Resident respondents
1 We want residents’ parking in our road 10
2 More focus on transport improvements and cycling options 9
3 The university should provide parking or Park & Ride for students 9
4 Encourage people to use their off-road parking 8
5 Do not issue permits to students 8
6 There should be no limit on permits allowed 7
7 Tradesmen should have permits so they don’t pass on the cost to clients 6
8 Implement more one-way systems 5
9 One permit per household 5
10 There should be one parking bay allocated to each house 4
11 The amount of permits per household should be capped 4
12 All zones across the city should have the same restrictions 4
13 No parking 9am-11am and 4pm - 6pm to prevent all day parking but still allow for visitors 4
14 Tax rebate or similar for not owning a car in the city 3
15 Reduce permit fees 3
16 Make QA car park cheaper so visitors do not use residents’ roads 3
17 Increase visitor time around Fratton Park to three hours 2
18 Listen to residents’ views before implementing a scheme 2
19 Leave sections of the street as free parking 2
20 Remove residents’ parking from business areas 2
21 Students should be able to obtain permits more easily 2
22 Residents permits should be per road, not per zone 2
23 Do not charge for permits 2
24 Exclude public holidays from the scheme 2
25 Issue six-hour visitor parking permits 2
26 Introduce a tax based on the length of vehicles 1
27 Use school playgrounds for parking, evenings and weekends 1
28 Effective policing during school times 1
29 Residents just outside zones should be allowed to apply for permits 1
30 Make it easier for people who have to bring home a work van 1
31 Implement schemes that operate at certain times. 24/7 not needed 1
32 Limit the amount of vehicles per household 1
33 Base decisions on other large cities and their solutions 1
34 Have a residents’ complaint line 1
35 Hold a public community meeting instead of letters through post 1
36 Free parking at the seafront 1
37 Increase the cost for a third permit 1
38 Reduce the cost for the second permit 1
39 After 6pm and on weekends should be unrestricted 1
40 Seasonal restrictions (Sept – May) when parking is a problem 1
41 Planning permission for anyone who wants to convert their frontage 1
42 Charge businesses and residents the same for permits 1
43 Parking for the King’s Theatre needs to be addressed 1
44 Painted parking bays are unnecessary 1
45 Ensure vehicles have valid tax/insurance before issuing permits 1
46 Different coloured permits for different zones 1
47 Ensure motorcycles are parked off-road 1
48 Taxis should not be allowed residents’ permits 1
49 Regular consultation with residents 1
50 Find out many vehicles per house from DVLA and issue that many permits 1
51 Ensure that trailers do not park on the street 1
52 Tighter restrictions around train stations 1
53 Underground car park at Southsea Common 1
54 Fewer double yellow lines 1
55 Fenced car park for residents that only residents have a key for 1
56 Widen the roads to accommodate more parking 1
57 No “free” parking anywhere. No permit = no parking 1
58 Residents living in their property more than one year should have more say 1

Further comments

Top responses, ranked by the number of responses.

wdt_ID Top responses Resident respondents And in a parking scheme
1 Employees should not bring home commercial/work vans/lorries, they should be left at a work depot - or have a park and ride scheme for commercial vans 108 4
2 The scheme should be citywide or scrapped 41 3
3 I vote against the residents parking schemes: they do not work 37 0
4 Free visitor permit per house, paying unfair / senior citizens can’t afford for people to visit 34 17
5 The university needs to provide student parking or the students should not be allowed to bring their cars into the city 23 8
6 The scheme needs to be 'policed' better and more often, people park for days without getting a ticket, especially in the evenings when problems occur 32 11
7 Cheaper, more effective public transport would stop people using cars/reduce no. of cars 19 2
8 Flats should not be built/Houses converted into flats if they can't provide adequate parking for their residents 16 2
9 I am very happy with the residents parking scheme in my road 15 15
10 We should have a permanent park and ride, just outside the city 15 3
11 Bays should be marked out for each individual house, to stop people parking badly 15 2
12 Scratch cards should be easily available and for shorter periods, e.g. three or four hours, 25p each and you can buy them in packs of 10 (sell online?) 12 9
13 We need affordable car parks, £2 for the whole day 12 1
14 It is a money making scheme 12 1
15 I have to park far away, which means lots of walking late at night, which is dangerous 12 1
16 I would like the residents parking in my road 11 0

Responses made by 1-10 people:

wdt_ID 1-10 people responded Resident respondents And in a parking scheme
1 Scheme has been introduced recently and did not improve the parking situation 9 8
2 Detrimental effect on small local businesses, especially Kings Theatre and Albert Road shops/pubs/restaurants 7 3
3 Staff at the hospital should have free/cheap parking, so that they do not park in residential streets 7 3
4 People should be encouraged/forced to use their off road parking, to free up road parking space 6 0
5 Portsmouth is not big enough to accommodate everyone owning a car or two! 6 3
6 The parking situation in Southsea is so bad we are considering moving 6 2
7 Residents parking scheme should be throughout Portsmouth and residents are allowed to park anywhere within Portsmouth, no restrictions 6 0
8 I do not know enough about the schemes to be able to comment 4 2
9 Must ensure that disabled bays are still necessary for their owners 4 0
10 People need to work to make ends meet, some have to bring home work vans: that’s life 3 0
11 I live opposite a school, would teachers get a permit for our road? 3 0
12 The residents parking scheme seems like a good idea 3 0
13 People with off road parking won’t vote for the scheme: unfair on those who have none 3 0
14 If you change your car you shouldn't have to pay for a new permit 2 2
15 Maximum two permits should be issued per household, or they should incur a large fee 2 0
16 More cycle lanes, to encourage people to cycle and feel safe when they do so 2 0
17 Roads with permits are now empty, cars overflow into streets without permit parking 2 0
18 Diagonal parking on side of the street and normal parking on the other improves parking 2 0

The comments below were each made by one respondent:

  • The survey will make it possible to make an informed decision as to whether local problems can be solved by residents’ parking schemes
  • A car was left outside my address unattended for three months
  • I think the survey is biased and unfair, the majority of people do not want the scheme
  • Tradesman should have a permit that allows them to work during the day
  • Have a clear strategy that ties in with the city’s regeneration, tourism, planning, environmental strategies and plans
  • Put the council tax towards centres for young mums and the elderly
  • There should be a cap on the amount of permits allowed per property
  • The vote should be based on the percentage of votes returned, not the amount of forms sent out
  • It is important that all junctions and roads are maintained for emergency and delivery vehicles
  • Can you please make East of Broad Street residential
  • There should only be one car registered for a disabled space, not all the cars from that household
  • People park in front of my dropped curb, which causes problems
  • I am very happy with the service the council provides
  • The current system does not allow for car sharing