Private Hire Licences

Scale of charges wef 16 December 2019
Driver’s Licences:£
Grant or Renewal - 1 Year110.00
Grant or Renewal - 3 Years290.00
Replacement Badge14.00
DBS Administration Fee11.00
Geography Test – Each Separate Attempt30.00
English Test - Each Separate Attempt20.00
Drugs Test50.00
Vehicle Licences:£
Grant or Renewal192.00
Grant – January only75.00
Car to Car Transfer Fee132.00
Car to Car Transfer – Admin Fee27.00
Temporary Car to Car Transfer Fee100.00
Vehicle Re-Test Fee52.00
Certificate of Compliance – Duplicate Copy10.00
Section 49 Transfer - Admin Fee45.00
Change of Vehicle Registration Number45.00
Plate Issue Fee10.00
Operator Licence:£
Grant or Renewal - 1 Year760.00
Grant or Renewal - 5 Years3500.00