If you want to drive a licensed private hire vehicle in Portsmouth, you must hold a private hire driver’s licence issued to you by Portsmouth City Council. It’s an offence to drive a licensed vehicle without this licence.

This guidance tells you:

  • What legal requirements you must meet to get a licence
  • What information we need from you to consider your application

What information you must provide to us

To help us consider your application, you will need to provide the following information:

Granting your licence

Once you have satisfactorily completed the steps outlined above, we will be able to issue your licence.

Your licence will be subject to conditions which you must read and understand. These conditions will be provided to you on the “paper counterpart” of your driver’s licence.

The default position is for licences to be granted for 3 years. However, there may be reasons to grant a licence for a shorter period. This includes:

  • Medical conditions (such as diabetes) which require the production of a yearly consultant’s report on continued fitness to drive
  • Drivers “on probation and/or warning” by the Licensing Sub-Committee and subject to strict criteria such as completing a driving assessment or providing monthly reports and monitoring for good behaviour for a shorter period of time
  • Drivers with a limited permission to stay or work in the UK
  • Drivers requesting a shorter duration for personal reasons
  • Any other reasonable and individual circumstances

A fee will be charged when granting a new licence. This can be paid cash or credit/debit card.

If we refuse to grant or renew, or we suspend or revoke a driver’s licence, you have a right of appeal to the Magistrates’ Court.

Late renewals

It’s no longer acceptable to process “late renewals”.

We will only accept and process any renewal application received on or just before a current licence is due to expire. In exceptional cases, we will process applications within 2 days after the expiry of the licence.

After this time, applicants will have to start afresh and apply for the grant of a licence.

Compliance and enforcement

You can view information about compliance and enforcement on this page. Points may be awarded for certain offences, and a hearing may be called if a private hire driver has 10 points or more on their licence in any 12-month period of time.