To be read in conjunction with the leaflet ‘Conditions of licence and enforcement’.

Local conditions of licence for private hire drivers include:

1. The licensee shall not assign or in any way part with the benefit of the licence which is personal to the holder. Don’t give your badge to anyone else.

2. The driver of a private hire vehicle shall be clean and tidy in appearance and shall at all times be dressed in a manner not to cause embarrassment to members of the public. Drivers shall wear long/short sleeved shirts, long trousers and suitable footwear, in addition female drivers may wear skirts and dresses. The wearing of shorts or swimming costumes is not permitted. Further, the driver shall behave in a civil and orderly manner and shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of persons conveyed in or entering or leaving the vehicle. Dress sensibly so as not to cause offence and look after your passengers.

3. The driver shall not wilfully or negligently cause or suffer the number of the licence on the plate issued by the Council to be concealed from public view or to be so defaced as to be illegible. Make sure the plate is visible and clean.

4. The licensee shall not, whilst driving or in charge of a private hire vehicle,

  • tout or solicit any person to hire or be carried for hire in any private hire vehicle, or
  • cause or procure any other person to tout or solicit any person to hire or be carried for hire in any private hire vehicle, or
  • offer that vehicle for immediate hire while the licensee or that vehicle is on a road or other place to which the public have access, or
  • accept an offer for the immediate hire of that vehicle whilst the licensee or that vehicle is on a road or other place to which the public have access except where such offer is first communicated to him/her by telephone or by radio fitted to the vehicle. (In this Condition, “road” means any highway and any other road to which the public have access). Don’t pick up ‘flaggers’ or persons who have not booked your car in advance.

5. The licensee shall not convey or cause or suffer to be conveyed in a private hire vehicle a greater number of persons than the number specified in the licence issued in respect of the private hire vehicle. Don’t carry more persons (including babies) than specified on the plate.

6. The licensee shall, when acting in accordance with the private hire vehicle driver’s licence granted to him/her, wear the badge issued to him/her in such position and manner as to be plainly and distinctly visible. Don’t drive without it or leave it in the glovebox!

7. The driver’s badge referred to in Condition 6 shall remain the property of the Council and if the driver’s licence is not renewed or is suspended/revoked shall be returned by the licensee to the Council within seven days of the serving upon him/her of a notice by the Licensing Officer requiring the return of such badge. Give the badge back if we ask you.

8. The holder of a private hire vehicle driver’s licence shall notify the licensing authority within seven days of any change of his/her address. Just give us a ring!

9. The driver of a private hire vehicle which has been hired to be in attendance at any appropriate time and place shall, unless delayed and prevented by some sufficient cause, punctually attend at the appointed time and place. Don’t be late for that job.

10. The driver shall, when requested by the hirer,

  • convey a reasonable quantity of luggage,
  • afford reasonable assistance in loading and unloading, including assistance in removing luggage to and from the entrance of any house or other place where he collects or sets down his passengers. Give a helping hand and don’t just sit in the car.

11. The driver shall, immediately after the termination of any hiring, or as soon as practicable afterwards, carefully search the vehicle for any property that may have been accidentally left therein and, if such property is found or is handed to him, unless it is sooner claimed by or on behalf of its owner, take it within 24 hours to the nearest Police Station and leave it in the custody of the officer in charge. Check for wallets, bags and cameras left on the back seat!

12. No person shall refuse to carry a passenger in a private hire vehicle by reason of the fact that that passenger is disabled or requires to have with him/her a wheelchair or other facility of reasonable size for the disabled. Please help and assist!

13. The driver shall notify the licensing Officer within 7 days of receiving any motoring or criminal conviction (or any official Police caution for such matters) and shall produce, at the request of any authorised officer, certificates of conviction and/or driving licence for inspection. Don’t leave it till renewal – let us know or keep us informed by phone.

14. A driver shall not refuse to carry passenger(s) accompanied by a guide, hearing or certain other assistance dogs.