Total of Considered Licences For 2020 by (Licence type) as of 02 October
Number of Licences
Licence Type2,685
Alcohol Licensed Premises notification3
Amenity on the Highway58
Approved Wedding Venue3
Family Entertainment Centre GM Permit1
Hackney Carriage Driver 1 Year100
Hackney Carriage Driver 3 Year29
Hackney Carriage Max (over 5 years)111
Hackney Carriage Min (3 – 5 Years)2
Hackney Carriage Vehicle136
House to House Collection8
Late Event Notice32
Lottery Registration24
Pavement Licence32
Personal Licence74
Premises Licence76
Premises Licence Minor Variation15
Private Hire Driver 1 Year551
Private Hire Driver 3 Year108
Private Hire Operator 1 Year21
Private Hire Operator 5 Year1
Private Hire Restricted 1 Year25
Private Hire Restricted 3 Year6
Private Hire Vehicle803
Private Hire Vehicle Max (over 5 years)216
Scrap Metal Dealers – Collectors Licence8
Scrap Metal Dealers – Site Licence8
Sex Establishment3
Standard Event Notice105
Street Collection45
Street Entertainment Permit9
Street Trading Consent15
Temporary Hackney Carriage Vehicle18
Temporary Private Hire Vehicle39

Total of Licences by number

Total of Licences by Percentage