1. Definitions

“The Council” shall mean Portsmouth City Council.
“The Entertainers” shall mean the performer(s) named in the application form who are authorised by the Council to provide entertainment.
“The Street Entertainment Authorisation” shall mean the Street Entertainment Authorisation issued by the Council.
“Designated area” shall mean the area identified by the Council as a site for the provision of authorised street entertainment.

2. A Street Entertainment Authorisation entitles the Entertainers to provide street entertainment in the area authorised subject to these terms and conditions.

3. The Street Entertainment Authorisation shall be clearly displayed at all times.

4. The Entertainers shall not perform and shall vacate from an authorised area if a charitable or other organisation has authority from the City Council to operate from or at an authorised area.

5. If an area is not occupied by a charitable or other organisation authorised by the City Council the Entertainers may occupy an authorised area for the purposes of providing entertainment.

6. The entertainment provided shall not contain any racist, sexist, lewd, indecent or offensive material.

7. No amplification equipment or electric lighting shall be used without the permit holder first telling us of the proposed use of such equipment.

8. No fire or fireworks shall be used by the Entertainers.

9. No seating shall be provided or used by the Entertainers without the prior written consent of the Council.

10. No objects, structure or stages shall be used without the prior written consent of the Council.

11. No vehicles shall be parked in the Pedestrian Precincts or used in connection with the entertainment, without prior written consent.

12. No entertainment shall be provided which is or forms part of a commercial promotion.

13. All litter caused due to the provision of the entertainment shall be collected by the Entertainers.

14. The Entertainers shall ensure that any audience shall not cause an obstruction, nuisance or breach of any byelaw or other laws.

15. The Entertainers shall comply with all requests of the Police or Officers of the City Council. If any of these terms and conditions are not complied with the Entertainers may be moved on and may be liable to prosecution.

16. It shall be the responsibility of the Entertainers if money is collected for a charitable or other purpose within Section 5 of the Police Factories etc (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1916 to obtain the necessary street collection permit from the Council before making any collection.

17. The Council reserves the right to withdraw Street Entertainment Authorisation from Entertainers who fail to comply with these terms and conditions.

18. Where appropriate or requested to do so by the Council, the Entertainer shall undertake a Risk Assessment and produce relevant Method Statements in respect of the type of entertainment intended to be provided. All hazards and risks associated with the provision of the entertainment shall be identified, the level of risk assessed and appropriate action to be taken by the street entertainer to eliminate or reduce risks to an acceptable level.

19. The Entertainers shall be aged 17 or over.

20. Street Entertainment within Portsmouth shall not be permitted after 21:00 hours each day, or in the case of Guildhall Walk (should pitches be designated in the future) 18:00 hours.

21. The Entertainer shall be solely responsible for ensuring that appropriate permissions are place to ensure compliance with copyright legislation (i.e. PRS music licensing, PPL licensing).

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