Where an individual or company proposes to offer gambling for which an operating licence (issued by the Gambling Commission) is required, and which is premises based, that individual or company will also need to apply for a premises licence.

Premises licences are issued by the licensing authority with responsibility for the area in which the premises are situated.

In accordance with section 150 of the Gambling Act, premises licences can authorise the provision of facilities on:

  • casino premises
  • bingo premises
  • betting premises, including tracks and premises used by betting intermediaries
  • adult gaming centres (for category B3, C and D machines)
  • family entertainment centres (for category C and D machines) – Note that separate to this category, the licensing authority may issue a family entertainment centre gaming machine permit, which authorises the use of category D machines only.

More information on individual types of premises licences and the necessary application forms, notices and fees are below.

Poker in licensed premises

You will also find below information on poker in pubs and clubs.


Information on different premises, fees and contact details

Variation of a premises licence - forms and notices

Transfer of a premises licence - forms and notices

Reinstatement of a premises licence - forms and notices

Poker in licensed premises