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STAGE 2 SPRING ROADMAP 2021 April 2021 - Updated Guidance to Licensed Premises and Event Organisers


The government’s Spring 2021 Roadmap is a four-step plan which aims to ease lockdown restrictions across England.

We have already entered Step 1 of the roadmap in March and we will see further easing of restrictions at Step 2 commencing from 12 April 2021.

The purpose of this guidance is to assist licensed premises and event organisers reopening under Step 2 from 12 April.

As the restrictions gradually ease over the next few months, further guidance will be provided for Step 3 (no earlier than 17 May) and Step 4 (no earlier than 21 June).

Latest Guidance

On 6th April the Government published organised events guidance for local authorities.  This guidance is aimed at local authorities in England and is designed to ensure that events are able to go ahead safely and in accordance with what is permitted at each step of the Roadmap. Other relevant existing guidance is also available for event organisers.

Update to Pubs etc Spring Roadmap April 2021