We are committed to developing and improving the city’s 30,000 trees, many of which are prime specimens from a wide variety of species.

A vision and charter for Portsmouth's trees

Trees add great beauty and character to the city’s landscape, absorb atmospheric pollutants and provide a habitat for birds and other wildlife. These benefits all contribute towards making our city a better place in which to live, work and visit.

We will improve the quality, quantity and variety of the city’s tree stock by implementing a long-term management plan. This management plan will, wherever practicable, ensure a commitment to the residents and visitors of Portsmouth to enhance the city’s trees and will:

  • ensure public safety as its highest priority
  • consult local residents prior to major tree works
  • inspect mature trees annually, carry out remedial works as necessary to the relevant British Standards or current best practice guidelines
  • log all data to build up a history of each tree, and identify each tree on a digital mapping system
  • continue the maintenance programme designed to reduce the problems commonly encountered with urban trees, such as light loss, leaf litter and low branches
  • introduce a risk management policy for trees in relation to buildings so that there are clear guidelines for dealing with subsidence claims relating to trees
  • use the most modern available equipment to assist in the inspection and surveying of trees
  • wherever possible plant new trees as a replacement for trees which have been removed
  • constantly seek out new planting sites
  • plant species appropriate for the location, balancing native and ornamental species
  • provide limited free advice to the public on tree-related matters
  • provide details of proposed maintenance for the year ahead (storms make this difficult to adhere to).

Raising awareness of city trees

The charter undertakes to promote an awareness, understanding and appreciation of trees by:

  • providing maps identifying the major trees and interpretation boards in city parks
  • promoting guided walks through the city’s parks and open spaces and publish information leaflets on guided walks, pests and diseases that may affect trees in the city
  • establishing partnerships with schools, voluntary and environmental groups to promote the importance of trees in the environment
  • using funding opportunities, such as grants and sponsorship, to enhance the environment
  • recycling all green waste arising from city council tree works
  • providing free advice to groups or individuals on suitable trees species for planting.

You can help by:

  • keeping us informed of all proposed planting
  • helping water newly planted trees near your own property
  • suggesting new sites for tree planting
  • reporting any damage to city’s trees.

For more information on our Tree Charter, email parks@portsmouthcc.gov.uk, phone 023 9283 4180 or write to Parks Service at Portsmouth City Council Civic Offices, Guildhall Square,PO1 2AD.

To make enquiries or report concerns about a particular tree, email cityhelpdesk@portsmouthcc.gov.uk or contact us.