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We’re developing the Hilsea Lines area in the north of the city to encourage residents and visitors to visit the area, and to enhance the walking and cycling routes around the city.

The project came about following £8.75m levelling up funding from the government, as part of a joint bid with the port.

Hilsea Lines stretches along the coastline, which separates Portsea Island from the mainland and the aim is to connect the western shore of the city with the eastern tip with enhanced cycling and walking facilities.

Hilsea Lido

At the heart of the project is the redevelopment of the much-loved Hilsea Lido and the surrounding green space, which includes:

  • a children’s splash park
  • a children’s play park
  • a BMX pump track
  • food and beverage facilities.

Read more about the redevelopment of Hilsea Lido.

Hilsea Lido

Enhancing woodland and green spaces

The other element of the project is to create more accessible and better-connected woodland and green space and encourage people to explore both the rich heritage and the biodiversity along Hilsea Lines, whilst respecting the wildness and history of the area. The focus of this part of the project is around:

  • 80-hectares of woodland, which is known as Foxes Forest and has become the most varied wildlife haven on Portsea Island
  • Ports Creek moat, which is divided by a series of footpaths and bridges into four separate areas of freshwater and seawater, which is home to a variety of sea life, birds, and insects as well as plants and vegetation.
  • historic military structures, which are scheduled ancient monuments and a conservation area

Read more about enhancing woodland and green spaces at Hilsea Lines

woodland at foxes forest

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