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Aerial view of Hilsea Lido

The council are redeveloping Hilsea Lido as part of the Hilsea Lines project in the north of the city. The aim of this project is to improve the area and encourage residents and visitors to use it. The project has been enabled by funding from the UK government’s Levelling Up fund.

What's happening now

The council have been working closely with a consultancy company and contractors to plan this complex project. Lots of work is needed to bring the lido back into public use. This stage has been completed, and work has now started on-site.

The first thing you may have seen was the removal of some of the fountain parts at the west end of the site. Pipework under the fountain needs to be removed as part of the project, so a replica is being created by stonemason Darren Somerville. It’ll be restored in its place in the middle of the site when the project is complete.

The spectator stand at the north of the site has been declared unsafe, so this will be removed. This includes the mural by My Dog Sighs. The council are working with him to record the demolition as part of the project. He will come back to paint another mural once the lido is up and running again.

The plant room roof will also be removed, the old pool equipment will be cleared away, and it will be replaced with a brand new, modern filtration system. The pool will also be drained, ready for work to take place. This will stabilise the base and restore the original lagoons that had been removed.

What happens next

Once the initial phase of the work is complete, the project will move into the build stage where new pipework will be installed in deep trenches, the pool and the surrounding area will be restored, and new modular changing units will be installed. The project is due to be complete by spring 2025, and open to the public for the summer season.

Hilsea Lido wall of art

We received additional levelling up funding from the government for artists to create an 80-metre-long wall of art on the hoardings around the lido, to represent the city of Portsmouth, and the different elements of the Hilsea Lines project, which includes Hilsea Lido, Foxes Forest and enhancing walking and cycling routes in the north of the city.

World-renowned street artist My Dog Sighs repainted his popular ‘eyes’ artwork on the lido wall, in collaboration with Portsmouth-based street artist Fark, whose art focuses on spreading positivity; along with other local artists who created their own style of art, from whimsical figures to graffiti-style, and images that reflect the sea and the nautical nature of our city.

Results from previous consultations

The Hilsea Lido project team held consultation events in early March 2024. View the plans and consultations boards:

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