Baffins Pond is a well known and much-loved park in the heart of Portsmouth.

The varied landscape combines natural, wildlife features with a more formal city park. Baffins Pond and Tangier Field is 182,000 square metres (18.2 hectares) bordered by Tangier Road, Neville Road and Hayling Avenue, with footpath access from each of these roads. It is open at all times.

Read the management plan for Baffins Pond below.

Natural attractions

The main attraction is the large natural pond, a diverse habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna. The pond is managed as a wildlife refuge for ducks and other wildfowl that people of all ages come to feed.

Visitors can help keep Baffins Pond healthy by feeding grain, not bread, to the birds. Bread is not good for the birds’ health and adds considerable nutrients to the pond, creating ideal conditions for algae to grow. The algae reduces the quality of the water and turns it green.

Grain is essential for the well-being of the birds and helps maintain a healthy pond. Shops in Tangier Road sell grain for this purpose.

To the east of the pond area is Tangier Field, a large grassed open space which is a valuable habitat for Brent Geese visiting the Solent area in the winter months. Because Brent Geese are an internationally important protected species, there is no public access to the fenced enclosure between 1 October to 31 March, when the birds are in residence.


  • Play Area with equipment for all ages, and a sand pit. Recently upgraded to improve equipment and accessibility.
  • Ball Court with basketball and 5-a side goals. Close to the play area.
  • Five-a-Side goals in Tangier Field.