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Personal alarms for residents living in Portsmouth (PO1-PO6)

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Help when you need it to live as independently as you wish

As we get older or become ill it can be hard to cope. Feelings of freedom and independence can give way to worries about our personal safety, and family and friends worrying about loved ones living on their own.

This is where Telecare can help, linking you to support if needed and aiming to give people the freedom to live as independently as they wish, knowing that help is always at hand if needed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We believe that peace of mind comes from knowing you have the best possible service for your needs with no hidden costs. So our service includes:

  • equipment tailored to your needs
  • free installation and demonstration of equipment
  • free key safe fitted if required
  • help if you are having trouble using the equipment
  • back up support for key holders
  • professional night responder service
  • free and speedy repairs and replacement service
  • 24-hour response service if required

We are a local service, so we can respond quickly. Installations are carried out within a few days or sooner if urgent, and repairs are done the same day.

What is a Telecare alarm?

Telecare is equipment in your home that connects you to help when you need it.

A personal alarm service is always there for you, day or night – unobtrusive and comfortable. You will be able to move freely around your home and garden whilst you and your family are reassured that you are safe.

If you need help, the equipment links you to the monitoring centre, where friendly skilled operators will know who you are, and which piece of equipment has been activated. They will be able to talk to you through the base unit to organise the help you need, and to let you know help is on its way.

The standard kit includes a lightweight pendant worn around your neck or wrist that you press if you need help. You can also have Telecare equipment that automatically alerts the monitoring centre if you are unable to, and includes:

  • smoke, gas, and carbon monoxide detectors
  • extreme heat or cold sensors
  • sensors that detect if the sink or bath is overflowing
  • falls sensors that send a signal even if you are unable to speak
  • bed exit and door exit sensors that can be set to a timer for people who tend to wander in the day or at night
  • equipment to remind you to do things you may forget

There is no extra charge for this equipment, and you can add it to your standard kit at any time.

When you first contact us, we will advise you which equipment will best suit your needs. Our professional installer will fit the equipment, connect you to the monitoring centre, and show you how to use it.

All you need are two or more people to be contacted if you need help. If for any reason the monitoring centre can’t reach either of these people, they will call the Council’s response service, or an ambulance if needed, so you will never be without help.

How does Telecare work?

Telecare works by linking you to the monitoring centre through a base unit near your telephone. You have a push button pendant worn around the neck or wrist , and activate the alarm by pressing the button on this pendant, which links you to a skilled operator.

You may also have equipment that automatically raises the alarm if you are unable to do it yourself. The monitoring centre will know which piece of equipment has triggered the alarm, and organise the response for you. Other examples of available equipment include:

  • falls detector – if you fall and are hurt, or can’t get up again. Even if you are knocked unconscious the alarm will be raised
  • smoke, gas or carbon monoxide detectors – if you burn your food, forget to light the oven, or your gas heater is faulty
  • extreme heat or cold sensors – if your home gets too cold or too hot for your safety
  • flood sensor – if the bath or sink is overflowing
  • bed exit sensor  – if you get out, or fall out, of bed. This can also trigger the alarm if you get up in the night but don’t go back to bed
  • door exit sensor – if your front or back door is opened. This is useful if someone tends to wander from their home. This can also be set so it only activates at night
  • memo minder – this can remind you to do something, such as eat at certain times, or it can remind you not to do something, like go out of the front door

What happens when the alarm is activated?

Once the alarm is triggered you will be linked to a skilled operator. They will know who and where you are, and which item of equipment has been activated. They will then arrange the response you need.

Who will come to help?

  • family and friends – you will need at least two people who will be happy to respond if the alarm is activated. The first call we make will be to them
  • Portsmouth City Council night responder service – our team of professional carers provide a response service between the hours of 9pm and 6am.
  • housing service call-out team – we will always send someone to help, day or night
  • emergency services – if, when you trigger the alarm, it is clear that you need an emergency service (such as an ambulance), the monitoring centre will call them for you immediately

How much does it cost?

We pride ourselves on the fact that our service is affordable with no hidden costs. Installation is free then there is a simple weekly rental charge (detailed below) – you only rent Telecare for as long as you want it.

  • Stand Alone – Rental £4.50 per week. A portable alarm unit which alerts an on-site carer to a triggered telecare device without the need for a telephone line or control centre intervention.
  • Telecare (£6.54) – Two people (from your contacts) to respond if called at any time
  • Telecare Plus (£8.79) – Professional response service for night time calls
  • Telecare 24 Hour Response (£10.00) – Portsmouth City Council will respond to your emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This package is only available to those who have no local responders day or night and will be assessed by the Telecare Team at referral stage

Is Telecare right for me?

A Telecare personal alarm is ideal for anyone who wants the freedom to live independently at home, with the reassurance that they could summon help if they need it.

Telecare for older people

As we get older, failing eyesight, poorer balance and slower reactions, mean we are much more likely to fall at home. With Telecare, if you fall, feel unwell, or are concerned about your safety at home, you can get help at the touch of a button.

You don’t have to remember telephone numbers or worry about inconveniencing anyone. No matter where you are in your home or garden, you know you are never alone.

Telecare for younger people

An emergency alarm is often thought of as an older person’s device, but it can also be a lifeline for younger people. Many of our customers have learning or physical disabilities, or a chronic medical condition.

Some are recovering from illness, while others are more concerned for their security than their health. Telecare connects them to the support they need any time of the day or night, helping them to become more independent knowing help is there if they need it.

Peace of mind for family and friends

Telecare is not just for you. It gives your loved ones reassurance that your personal safety is being monitored every day, allowing them the freedom to live their lives too.

Why choose Portsmouth City Council as my Telecare provider?

Portsmouth City Council is committed to supporting older and vulnerable people to live independently at home. The charges we make go directly to improving our services.

Peace of mind, day and night, all year round

Our monitoring centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Friendly, professional operators are only a button press away, so you know that you are never alone.

Accredited monitoring centre

Our monitoring service is a member of the Telecare Services Association who regulate the industry, so you know our service is of the highest standard.

Local service for Portsmouth people

The service is available to anyone in Portsmouth who might benefit from it. Some of our customers have a physical or learning disability, a medical condition, or are recovering from illness. Others are concerned for their security rather than their health.

Competitive pricing combined and the highest standards

Our service is cheaper than many others because installation is free, and there are no hidden extras. Call outs are free, and any extra equipment you need will be fitted free of charge.

Speedy, responsive service

We can book an installation as soon as you contact us and install Telecare within two to three working days.

Same day call-out service

If you have a problem with your equipment for whatever reason we will visit you the same day.

24-hour response service

Portsmouth City Council will respond to your emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This package is only available to those who have no local responders day or night and will be assessed by the Telecare Team at referral stage.

You’re safe with us

Your safety and peace of mind are our priority, so you can be assured that all information you give to us is kept secure, and not shared with any other organisations. Read our privacy notice.

Our website and email address are secured to the highest standards. All information you enter is protected and encrypted to government standards using the latest technology.

Request Telecare

You can request Telecare by completing the online form.

Further information

Telecare – frequently asked questions

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