Help when you need it to live as independently as you wish

As we get older or become ill it can be hard to cope. Feelings of freedom and independence can give way to worries about our personal safety, and family and friends worrying about loved ones living on their own.

This is where Safe at Home can help, linking you to support if needed and aiming to give people the freedom to live as independently as they wish, knowing that help is always at hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You raise the alarm by pressing a button on a personal pendant or other device. You may also have equipment that automatically raises the alarm if you are unable to do it yourself, such as having a fall. The monitoring centre will know which piece of equipment has triggered the alarm, and organise the response for you.

We believe that peace of mind comes from knowing you have the best possible service for your needs with no hidden costs. So our service includes:

  • equipment tailored to your needs
  • installation and demonstration of equipment
  • key safe fitted if required
  • help if you are having trouble using the equipment
  • free and speedy repairs and replacement service
  • 24-hour response service if required

Technology enabled care is available for customers of any age in PO1 to PO6 areas, or if you pay your council tax to Portsmouth City Council.

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