If you have a balcony, it’s important to be aware of safety for you and your family.

We’ve put together some guidelines for council tenants with balconies:

  • Use window opening restrictors. If you don’t have them or they’re not working, contact us and we’ll install new ones.
  • Keep your balcony door locked when not in use.
  • Never allow young children access to a balcony without an adult present.
  • If you have young children, consider installing a child-proof gate that you can lock when you’re not in the room and don’t want to lock the balcony door.

Here’s a few other things to remember to keep your balcony safe:

  • Never lean over, sit or climb on the balcony wall or railing.
  • Never try to pass items to someone on another balcony.
  • Never try to climb onto another balcony from your balcony.
  • Keep balcony furniture away from the railing, and heavy enough so children can’t drag it to climb up on.
  • Don’t store waste on balconies (this includes BBQs, gas bottles and heaters).
  • White goods like fridges should not be stored or used on balconies.
  • If you smoke on a balcony, extinguish cigarettes properly – don’t discard them on or over your balcony.
  • Don’t modify your balcony.
  • Remember that netting to prevent birds accessing your balcony is not safety netting.