The Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) report is about the measures that we have adopted to improve the energy efficiency of properties across Portsmouth.

We use this report to inform policy on energy efficiency and review the work already in place.

Improving local energy efficiency can bring great benefits for the council and Portsmouth’s residents. It can also contribute to reducing carbon emissions. Benefits include:

  • Reducing residents’ fuel bills
  • Making it easier to keep homes warm and healthy
  • Supporting vulnerable households living in fuel poverty
  • Reducing carbon emissions from domestic properties to meet local and national targets
  • Support with creating and maintaining local green businesses, jobs and skills
  • Supporting wider priorities on local issues such as health and poverty.

HECA Report for 2024

The council’s HECA report gives details about recent energy efficiency work carried out across Portsmouth, both in social and private households. It also outlines our ambitions for future progress.

The report is updated every 2 years.