The Means Test for Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG’s) is a financial assessment of yourself and your partner, if you have one. The means test will look at your income and savings and calculate whether or not you may need to contribute towards the grant. You would need to provide us with proof of all incomes and savings you have.

How to pay your contribution

Once your contribution is calculated your contribution amount will not change and we will request this is paid to us prior to us approving the grant.

For example – if the cost of the works are £5,000 and your contribution is calculated to be £1,000 we will ask you to pay £1,000 and we would fund the other £4,000 through the Disabled Facilities Grant.

If you are unable to afford your contribution, we could offer you a Disabled Facilities Assistance Loan to help you get your adaptations completed, for more information on this, please open the Private Sector Housing Policy 2014.