The landlord and tenant mediation service exists to help you navigate difficult situations in a more positive way. The service offers free, independent advice for both landlords and tenants on a range of topics, including rent and repairs.

How can I get help?

You can contact the service by:

When you contact the service:

  • You will get an initial appointment to discuss the issue.
  • If it is something the service can help with, the service will contact the other party to see if they will take part
  • If both parties give permission, a conversation will take place to agree an approach

How does it work?

Specially trained staff will act as mediators to explore the root causes of issues, look at options and wherever possible will help agree an approach that works for both parties.

The service uses what’s called a restorative approach, which is about positive communication and repairing relationships so that everyone gets a better outcome. You can find out more about restorative approaches on the Portsmouth Mediation Service website.

They can also help put you in touch with other organisations that can offer practical advice and support.