A Portsmouth City Council leaseholder is a person who has purchased their flat or maisonette in a building where the freeholder is Portsmouth City Council.

The Council is still responsible for providing certain services and for the upkeep of the structure, exterior and communal areas of the block.

As a leaseholder, you have to pay a share of the cost of the services the Council provide, which are divided into three main areas:

  • Services (cleaning of communal areas, etc.)
  • Block Repairs
  • Management costs

Leasehold agreements

Leasehold ownership is simply a long tenancy, giving you, the leaseholder, the right to occupy and use a property for a long period – known as the ‘term’ of the lease.

Leasehold ownership of a property usually means you own everything within the four walls, including plaster, floorboards, walls and ceilings, but does not usually include the external or structural walls. The structure of the building and the land it stands on is still owned by the landlord, Portsmouth City Council.

A lease is a private contract between the leaseholder and the landlord. It sets out the contractual obligations of the two parties: what the leaseholder and the landlord are bound to do.

Get in touch

If you have any enquires about service charges or any other leasehold issue, please contact your Leasehold Services Officer: