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The Housing Act 2004 confers the right for the city council to recovery expenses it has incurred in serving formal enforcement notices. This includes Improvement notices, Prohibition orders, Hazard Awareness Notices, Emergency remedial action, Emergency Prohibition orders, and demolition orders.

The expenses which can be recovered typically relate to the cost of officer time, and can include determining whether to serve the notice, identifying any action to be served in the notice, and serving the notice.

The following charges will be applied, and a “Demand for Payment of expenses/costs” issued upon service of the following Enforcement Notices:

Notice TypeCharge Per Notice/ Order
Serving an improvement notice under Section 11 or 12 (includes suspended notices)£616
Making a prohibition order under Section 20 or 21 (includes suspended orders)£690
Serving a hazard awareness notice under Section 28 or 29£616
Taking emergency remedial action under Section 40£690
Making an emergency prohibition order under Section 43£653
Making a demolition order under Section 265 of the Housing Act 1985 (c. 68)£662
Review of suspended improvement notices (Section 17) and suspended prohibition orders (Section 26)£168