On this page you will find information about the fees for mandatory HMO licences from 1 December 2023. You can find out more about mandatory licensing here.


HMO license fees must be levied in two parts:

Part 1: Application Fee (payable at the time of submitting an application) – This element of the fee will cover the costs incurred by the council to process the application up to the point of the decision being made to issue or refuse the licence. This fee is non-refundable (read the refund policy for more information).

Part 2: Licence Issue Fee (payable within 14 days following receipt of the ‘Notice of Intention to Grant a License’) – This element of the fee covers the costs of issuing the licence, as well as operating and enforcing the HMO licensing scheme. Failure to make this payment will leave the property unlicensed and likely to result in enforcement action. This licence fee is not required if the licence application is refused. Please note: once a full licence is issued this fee is non-refundable, even if the licence is later revoked (read the refund policy for more information).

The HMO licence application process involves a verification inspection, or a desktop survey, after which a draft licence will be issued to the applicant for comment, along with a request for the Part 2 payment. The final licence will only be issued following receipt of this payment. Failure to pay will result in the licence not being granted leaving the property unlicensed. Unlicensed properties are liable to legal enforcement action.

Please note the fee structure is based on the number of bedrooms regardless of property type (i.e. shared houses, bedsit-type shared houses or bedsits). If a payment is made for the incorrect number of bedrooms no refund will be payable. It’s the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the property conforms to Portsmouth City Council’s HMO Standards and doesn’t exceed the maximum number of allowable occupants.

Application typePart 1 feePart 2 fee - 5 bedrooms or fewerPart 2 fee - 6 roomsPart 2 fee - 7 roomsPart 2 fee - 8 rooms
New application - 5 year licence£275£825£878£931£984
New application - 2.5 year licence£275£863£916£969£1,022
New application - 1 year licence£275£1,250£1,303£1,356£1,409
Licence renewal - 5 years£180£862£915£968£1,021
Licence renewal - 2.5 years£180£739£792£845£898
Licence renewal - 1 year£180£700£753£806£859

The following table explains how to work out the fee if there are more than 8 bedrooms:

Application typePart 1 feePart 2 fee calculation
New application - 5 year licence£275(No. of Bedrooms – 5) x 53 + 825
New application - 2.5 year licence£275(No. of Bedrooms – 5) x 53 + 863
New application - 1 year licence£275(No. of Bedrooms – 5) x 53 + 1250
Licence renewal - 5 years£180(No. of Bedrooms – 5) x 53 + 862
Licence renewal - 2.5 years£180(No. of Bedrooms – 5) x 53 + 739
Licence renewal - 1 year£180(No. of Bedrooms – 5) x 53 + 700

For example, to work out the Part 2 fee for a new application for a 5 year licence for a 12 bedroom HMO, the calculation would be: ((12-5) x 53 = 371) + 825 = £1,196

Licence fees may be reviewed periodically to ensure they reflect the full cost of administering the licensing service.

Refunds Policy

A refund will be given if:

  • You’ve made a duplicate application
  • You made an application for an exempted property by mistake
  • You made an application for a property which isn’t licensable under Portsmouth HMO licensing schemes

A refund will not be given if:

  • You withdraw your application at any stage
  • We refuse your application
  • We revoke (take away) your licence
  • You are subsequently refused planning permission for your HMO
  • Your property ceases to be let as an HMO during the term of the licence (including if you sell your HMO during the term of the license).