Ariel view of Horatia and Leamington tower blocks in Somerstown, before their deconstruction


The Somers Orchard project came about after we removed cladding from the Horatia and Leamington towers following the Grenfell fire tragedy in 2017.

While removing the cladding, we uncovered issues with the original 1960s concrete construction of the two buildings.

After finding those issues, we immediately put in safety measures, relocated residents and started looking into future options.

To strengthen the buildings, we’d have needed to carry out major repair works which would’ve amounted to roughly £86m.

There was another option

Because of this, our council’s cabinet agreed to another idea in Feb 2022: take down the two towers and redevelop them into newer, more sustainable and more affordable housing.

From the beginning, we committed that these new plans would include at least 272 socially rented homes – matching the same number in Horatia and Leamington.

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More videos

Here’s some more videos of key moments throughout this project.

July 2021 – Inviting people to see the early plans and attend a lighting workshop:

December 2021 – Locals talk about the blocks as they start to come down:

March 2022 – Footage of the blocks being taken down:

March 2022 – You name the project ‘Somers Orchard’!

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