We have a long and proud history of providing council houses in Portsmouth and beyond.

We design our services around your needs, listening to feedback to understand what you want.

On this page you will find information about how we will act as your landlord.

It's all about you

We know how important a safe and suitable home is – that’s why we put our tenants and leaseholders at the heart of everything we do.

We want to build a good relationship with you. You’ll get the opportunity to meet with us regularly and talk to us about issues that concern you, as well as things that are going well.

How we can support

Every resident benefits from:

  • our on-demand repairs service, including out of hours support,
  • our resident magazine House Talk which is delivered three times a year;
  • having a named housing or leasehold officer who’s trained to support you with a range of issues.

Plus we offer advice and support on money issues and training opportunities.

What you should expect from us

Services are available to our residents 24 hours a day 365 days a year with staff available to attend homes. This includes repair staff.

We aim to provide services that meet your needs, listens to you, understand your circumstances and then explain to you what we can and can’t do.

We should follow up on actions that we have said that we will do. If we don’t do what we say, we need to know where things have gone wrong and learn from this.

Communication to meet your needs

Whether it’s in-person, over the phone or via email you’ll be able to contact us if you need to.

All our information can be made available in different formats, and we have a range of contact options to meet individual needs. If you need us to communicate with you in a certain way, or we need to find a way to build a relationship so that you feel confident and trust in us please let us know so that we can change our approach to suit you.

You can:

You’ll also receive our House Talk magazine three times a year.

We aim to let you know what we’re up to, how we are performing, our future plans and invite you to be a part of decision making.

Sharing information

We will only share your information if you have told us that we can, except:

  • where we feel there is an immediate risk to you or your household members,
  • or involvement in criminal activity which means that we need to share your information with other people to make sure that appropriate support is given.

You can view our privacy notices here.