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Thank you to everybody who shared their views on new homes on the records office site, in Museum Road.

We know that taking down the derelict building and replacing it with new homes will affect local people. We wanted to ask as many residents and businesses as possible for their thoughts before we started to put any plans together.

If you’d like to discuss any of this, please call 023 9283 4954 or email We’re also happy to come out to talk to you about this, or you can come and see us at the civic offices. Please contact us if you’d like to make an appointment.

What will happen next

Having collected your views, we’ll now start to work on designs for the housing that we’ll build on the site.

We’ll bring these plans to you when they’re ready, so we can consult with you again.

Some of the key themes that came out of our conversations with the local community are listed in the next section. We’re going to use all of the feedback you gave us, and this list, to help us to put together options for the future.

What's most important to you

Based on what you have told us, we will:

  • build homes that are appropriate for the site. This could include housing for older people, private sale, etc
  • maintain the security of Pembroke Park and add no direct access to the park
  • design a high quality, environmentally-friendly scheme that is sensitive to its location and to Portsmouth City Museum
  • maintain the security of the museum and the integrity of the grounds
  • keep as many of the existing trees as possible and replace those that need to be cut down, while respecting the site is in a conservation area
  • make sure that the scheme’s impact on local parking and traffic congestion is as low as possible

    Also based on what you have told us, we won’t:

  • build high rise
  • include student accommodation in our scheme.

What we asked

We asked people the following four questions:

  1. Do you agree that the records office site is a suitable site for brand new housing and why?
  2. What type of housing do you think would be best for the records office site and why?
  3. What kind of housing would you NOT want to see on this site?
  4. Please tell us if there is anything else that you would like us to take into account when we are putting together plans for this site.

Who we asked

  • We hand-delivered a leaflet and knocked the door of all 254 homes and 5 businesses in Pembroke Park, Kings Terrace (between Kings Road and Hambrook Street) and Landport Terrace (between Kings Road and Landport Street)
  • When people were not at home, we delivered them a ‘sorry we missed you’ note, which included our full contact details
  • We also hand-delivered a leaflet to every other home and business within 500m of the site.
  • We collected full feedback from 70% of the people living in Hartford House (the block closest to the site).
  • We also collected full feedback from 55% of the people living in Pembroke Park and the surrounding area
  • We also collected the views of people living within 500m or more of the site
  • We hosted a public open drop-in session at the city museum next-door.

    People who weren’t available during the home visits or the public drop-in session could also tell us their thoughts by:

  • calling our dedicated telephone hotline
  • contacting us by post
  • sending a message to our dedicated email address
  • making an appointment to speak with us at the civic

The site

The records office building in Museum Road has reached the end of its usable life. The council-owned building is suffering from major structural issues, including subsidence. Portsmouth planners have identified the site as being suitable for housing.

We can’t leave the site and do nothing with it. It’s costing the council money to keep the current structure safe, and this project is an opportunity to provide much needed housing.

Why build housing?

There’s a huge shortage of housing in Portsmouth. We have more than 2,000 people on our housing waiting list, first time buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to afford growing property prices, rents and mortgages in the city are higher than many people can cope with, and we don’t have enough specialised housing to help people with their mixed needs. We have a duty to do what we can to tackle that shortage and create mixed, balanced and sustainable communities. This is why we’ve made a commitment to:

  1. make the best possible use of sites owned by the council,
  2. provide the housing that Portsmouth people need at prices they can afford, and
  3. build homes that meet people’s varied needs.

    We see this as one of our most important responsibilities. One of the many ways we are helping to tackle the housing shortage in Portsmouth is to use our land and assets to build different types of housing.

Why the site is right for housing

The records office site is on a list of locations that are suitable for housing. This list is called the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment and is compiled by Portsmouth planners.

The records office site has been included on the list because:

  1. it’s very sustainable,
  2. it has good access to shops and schools,
  3. it’s close to transport facilities like bus routes and railways stations,
  4. it’s close to existing residential areas, and
  5. the site is too small for most employment building proposals.

    The location would also be ideal for some of the types of housing that Portsmouth needs the most, including accommodation for elderly people. We will NOT build student accommodation on this site.