Send a complaint to our housing team

While we try to provide a good service, we know that sometimes things go wrong. We take all complaints seriously and want to put things right if they go wrong.

We encourage you to first contact the relevant service area directly to tell us what is happening for you so we can try to resolve the issue informally and as quickly as possible.

How can a complaint be made?

There are many ways you can submit a formal complaint to the council:

HNB Landlord Complaints,
Floor 2, Core 2-3
Portsmouth City Council,
Civic Offices,
Guildhall Square,

Building safety complaints for residents living in our tall buildings (with over 11 floors)

There is a separate complaints process for residents living in our tall buildings who are concerned about the safety of their building.

To report a building safety concern or to submit a formal complaint regarding your building’s safety:

Support for customers who want to make a complaint

Everyone deserves to have their voice heard, and we are committed to helping those who need extra support. If you need us to make reasonable adjustments for you to make a complaint, please make a request to the complaints team. This can be made through all contact details above and you can use a representative if you wish.

You can be represented by:

  • A member of your family
  • Your partner
  • A friend
  • An attorney, advocate or solicitor
  • A local councillor (find your local councillor)
  • An MP

We need to have proper consent before we can discuss the complaint with your representative. This is normally written consent, giving them permission to act on your behalf.

Complaints handling code

The Housing Ombudsman has published a complaint handling code. This sets out good practice for social landlords to respond to complaints effectively and fairly.

The Housing Ombudsman resolve disputes involving tenants and leaseholders of social landlords. They can also provide information and advice on making a complaint to a landlord. Their service is free, independent and impartial.