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A Portsmouth City Council leaseholder is a person who has purchased their flat or maisonette in a building were the freeholder is Portsmouth City Council.

The Council is still responsible for providing certain services and for the upkeep of the structure, exterior and communal areas of the block.

As a leaseholder, you have to pay a share of the cost of the services the Council provide, which are divided into three main areas:

  • Services – (Cleaning of communal areas etc.)
  • Block Repairs
  • Management costs

If you have any enquires about service charges or any other leasehold issue, please contact your Leasehold Services Officer on the numbers listed below.

Portsea, Landport and Buckland – 02392 834485

Leigh Park, Wecock Farm and Crookhorn – 02392 841741

Paulsgrove – 02392 834 561

City South (including Somerstown) – 02392 841486 or 02392 834689