Your NHS Health Check could be the most important 30 minutes you have ever spent

The NHS Health Check is offered every five years to eligible adults in Portsmouth aged between 40 and 74 years old.

Why should I have an NHS Health Check?

We are all at risk of getting ill and developing diseases. For people over 40, some of the biggest causes of ill health are heart disease, stroke, diabetes (type 2) and kidney disease.

Like an MOT, the health check assesses your risk of developing common but often preventable conditions. Even if you feel fine, it’s worth having your free NHS Health Check now. You may discover something new to help you maintain or improve your health.

Am I eligible?

The NHS Health Check is for everyone between 40 and 74 who is not already being looked after by their doctor for heart disease, stroke, diabetes (type 2) or kidney disease, or receiving certain types of medications such as those for cholesterol or blood pressure. If you are outside the age range but concerned about your health, contact your GP.  To find out more visit NHS Health Check.

What happens at the check?

  • the NHS Health Check takes about 30 minutes
  • you’ll be asked some simple questions for example, about your family history
  • we’ll record your height, weight, age, sex and ethnicity
  • we’ll take your blood pressure
  • we’ll do a simple blood test to check your cholesterol level
  • you will be able to talk to the staff about what you can do to reduce your risk and what services are available to support you

What happens after the NHS Health Check?

  • you will be taken through your results and told what they mean
  • we will discuss how we can support you to reduce your risks and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • you may be advised about other services to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle
  • you may require additional tests and treatment or medication may be recommended

How do I get my NHS Health Check?

You will receive a letter in the post inviting you to book a convenient appointment at your GP surgery or at one of the participating community providers.

If you receive an invitation letter in the post keep it safe as you will need to take it to your appointment. You must have received an invitation in the post to be able to receive your NHS Health Check.