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You may wish to learn more about mental health to help yourself or be able to support others.

The Central Library in Guildhall Square has a Wellbeing Zone on the first floor with information on emotional wellbeing. You can also find reading well collections in Portsmouth libraries containing self-help and mood boosting books.

Below are some useful resources for self-help advice and mental health awareness and training.

Every Mind Matters

The NHS Every Mind Matters website provides useful resources to help you spot the signs of common mental health concerns. It offers practical self-care tips and guidance, and explains when to seek further support.

There is a free online tool which helps you build an action plan to deal with stress and anxiety, boost your mood, improve your sleep and help you feel more in control.

Other NHS self-help guides and tools

Find online NHS tools and activities that can help boost your mental health. This includes stress busters, steps to wellbeing, and mental wellbeing audio guides.


MindEd is a free educational resource on children, young people, adults and older people’s mental health. It has a section dedicated to families and can help if you’re worried about a child and want advice on understanding and supporting them. There is also a section for supporting older people.

Suicide First Aid Lite

If you would like to develop confidence, knowledge and skills in suicide awareness and prevention, subsidised Suicide First Aid Lite training is available for residents. Find out more and register.


If you are worried about someone you know feeling suicidal, the Samaritans have guidance on how to support someone you are worried about.

Further support

For more mental health information including adult mental health support services, visit the mental health page.

For information on supporting children and young people visit our pages on supporting children and young people with their social, emotional and mental health.