Making a choice to be active doesn’t need to be difficult. With a little help from the resources on these pages, it can be rewarding and fun.

We hope to help Portsmouth residents become more active by encouraging more people to walk or to get  on their bikes – Portsmouth is ideally suited to walking and cycling as it’s flat and compact.

Active travel

If you would like more information on active travel (walking or cycling) please contact the council’s active travel team:


Portsmouth’s first Superzone pilot aims to reduce childhood obesity by encouraging healthy behaviours, and giving children and young people and safe, clean environment to thrive in.

The Superzone focuses on a 400m radius around Arundel Court Primary Academy. Learn more here.

Smart Restart for Kids

For ideas on how to encourage your kids to get active follow the link to Change 4 Life’s Smart Restart pages.

Portsmouth leisure card

The Portsmouth leisure card entitles holders to discounts at Portsmouth City Council facilities as well as discounts from some private sector establishments – sports and activity centres are included. The scheme is available only to residents of Portsmouth on a means tested benefit.

How much physical activity?

How much physical activity you need to do each week depends on your age – you can find recommendations for all age groups:

Active family fun games

Whatever the weather why not enjoy some active games with the whole family?