Advice on a healthy diet

With so much convenience and fast food about many of us don’t eat as well as we used to, opting for pre-prepared foods instead of cooking from scratch.

If we carry on like this, nine out of ten of our kids risk growing up with dangerous amounts of fat in their bodies and this can contribute and increase the risk of life-threatening diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease – so it’s really important we do something about it!

With nearly two thirds of the adult population overweight or obese in England, the risks to health are huge – therefore everyone needs to eat well and move more to live longer.

Diet and physical activity levels can significantly impact both positively and negatively on overall health.

The NHS Live well pages include:

It’s not just diet that’s essential as part of a healthy lifestyle, being active is equally as important.

What kinds of services are available?

Visit the age-appropriate pages below for more detailed healthy lifestyle advice for early years, young people, adults and older people – information on accessing each service can be found on the relevant page.