A defibrillator is a device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart through the chest wall to someone who is in cardiac arrest.

Use of a defibrillator, combined with CPR, is the only effective treatment for a person who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

SCA is a condition where the heart either stops or beats in such a chaotic way it doesn’t pump blood around the body. It can happen to anyone of any age and often without warning. SCA remains the UK’s single biggest cause of death, killing approximately 60,000 people each year. Nationally, the average survival rates from SCA outside of hospital are around 7% but it’s possible to increase survival rates to more than 60% if CPR and a defibrillator are used prior to the ambulance arriving.

We are running a campaign to increase the number of public access defibrillators (PADs) in the city so that more life-saving help is available to anyone suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.

Using a PAD

PADs are stored in locked cabinets. When you dial 999 to report that someone has collapsed, the operator will advise you where your nearest one is and give you the code to unlock it. This means they’re safe from tampering.

The operator will stay on the phone whilst you help the individual but the defibrillator also gives clear verbal instructions and is very easy to use.

The defibrillator won’t deliver a shock if the person’s heart is beating and it won’t work if the pads haven’t been positioned correctly so you can’t harm anyone.

Where are defibrillators located in Portsmouth?

PADsDefibrillators within buildings (not available 24 hours)

Advertising kiosk, 105 Commercial Road, PO1 1BT

Advertising kiosk, 144 Commercial Road, PO1 1BY

Advertising kiosk, 201 Commercial Road, PO1 1EA

Landport Community Centre PO1 1JD

Advertising kiosk 12-14 Arundel Street PO1 1NL

Royal British Legion, Lucknow Street PO1 1PS

Civic Offices PO1 2AL

Phoenix Lodge Masonic Lodge PO1 2HJ

Still & West Public House PO1 2JL

Wightlink IOW Ferries, Gunwharf Road PO1 2LA

Housing 21, Caroline Square, King Williams Street PO1 3JG

Landsec, Gunwharf Quays, Boyd Office PO1 3TZ

Landsec, Gunwharf Quays, Gunwharf House PO1 3TZ

Landsec, Gunwharf Quays, Boulevard Building PO1 3TZ

Landport Housing Office PO1 4DT

Charles Dickens Activity Centre PO1 4DY

Housing 21, 1 Nuffield Place PO1 4JB

Buckland Community Centre PO2 7BT

Portico Shipping Ltd PO2 7SP

Portsmouth International Port PO2 8SP

North End Library PO2 9AX

Tesco Stores Ltd PO2 9DE

Evans Halsaw, 599 London Road PO2 9QZ

Hilsea Lines Café PO2 9RP

Portsmouth Rugby Club PO3 5EP

Unit 3 Merlin Park, Airport Service Road PO3 5FU

Ocean Retail Park, Burrfields Road PO3 5NP

Alderman Lacey Library PO3 6HU

Moneyfields Sports & Social Club PO3 6LA

Devonshire Infant School PO4 0AG

Havelock Community Centre PO4 0LQ

Bluebell Nursing Home, St Ronans Road PO4 0PP

Housing 21, Crane Court PO4 8BQ

Elliotts, Dickinson Road PO4 8ER

St Georges Road toilets PO4 8GE

Osprey Court, Moorings Way PO4 8JZ

Milton Village Hall PO4 8PR

Housing 21, Brent Court PO4 8QQ

Portsmouth Football Club PO4 8RA

Portsmouth University, Institute of Marine Sciences PO4 9LY

Eastney Esplanade Public Toilets PO4 9NB

Premier Southsea Marina, Fort Cumberland Road PO4 9RJ

Southsea Orthodontic Practice PO5 2DD

Albert Road toilets PO5 2SX

Hovertravel, Clarence Esplanade PO5 3AD

Hillfield Trading, Castle Road PO5 3AY

Briny Café PO5 3PG

Southsea Library PO5 3QQ

Portsmouth University, St Paul's Sports Centre PO5 4AQ

Somerstown Community Centre PO5 4EY

Farlington Sports Pavillion PO6 1RR

Court Lane Infant School PO6 2PP

Cosham Court Nursing Home PO6 3DD

Lakeside North Harbour PO6 3EN

North Harbour Ambulance Station PO6 3TJ

King George V Playing Field Pavillion PO6 3XA

Paulsgrove Housing Office PO6 4HG

The Drystack, Trafalgar Wharf PO6 4PX

Premier Marinas, Port Solent PO6 4TJ

Pavers, The Boardwalk, Port Solent PO6 4TP

Marina Keep PO6 4UG

New Theatre Royal PO1 2DD

Portsmouth Museum PO1 2LJ

St Georges Beneficial School PO1 3BN

Wightlink Ferries, The Hard PO1 3PS

Hanway Medical Practice PO1 4ND

Fratton Community Centre PO1 5JJ

Stubbington Avenue Dental Surgery PO2 0HT

Lyndhurst Junior School PO2 0NT

Queens Road Surgery Buckland PO2 7NX

Portsmouth Harbour Cruising Club PO2 8RD

Portsmouth Tennis and Gymnastics Centre PO2 9AD

Mountbatten Centre PO2 9QA

Kirklands Surgery Copnor PO3 5AF

Portsmouth Watersports Centre PO3 5LY

TyUK Ltd PO3 5SA

Scout HQ, 16 Paignton Avenue PO3 6LL

Mary Rose Academy PO4 8GT

Eastney Swimming Pool PO4 9TB

Kings Theatre PO5 2QJ

Wimbledon Park Sports Centre PO5 2RG

The D-Day Story PO5 3NT

Pyramids Centre PO5 3ST

Charter Community Sports Centre PO5 4LF

Solent Junior School PO6 1HJ

Millbrook Healthcare PO6 1TN

Stagecoach Limited, Walton Road PO6 1TU

Drayton Surgery PO6 1PA

North Harbour Medical Group PO6 3AW

Cosham Masonic Centre PO6 3DD

Paulsgrove Community Centre PO6 4JB

Paulsgrove Household Waste Recycling Centre Site Office PO6 4UD

South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) has created an app called Save a Life which you can use to find out where defibrillators are near you. Download from the app store on your phone or search ‘save a life’ on the SCAS website. The app also provides more information on SCA, defibrillators and CPR.

If you’re aware of a defibrillator in an office, school or community/leisure building you use, please email defib@scas.nhs.uk to make sure it’s on the South Central Ambulance Service database.

How can I get involved in the campaign?

Please contact defibrillators@portsmouthcc.gov.uk if you would like to find out more about:

  • Getting a defibrillator for your organisation, school or community building
  • Fundraising for a defibrillator
  • Sponsoring a defibrillator in your local area

We can provide:

  • Ability to purchase a defibrillator at a discounted cost
  • Access to a provider to install your defibrillator
  • Opportunities for CPR training
  • Details of how you could sponsor a defibrillator
  • Potential funding for a defibrillator if it’s in one of the key need areas in the city