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The Drug and Alcohol Support Service (DASS) works with young people under 19 in Portsmouth who are using substances

How can DASS help?

A worker from DASS can meet a young person in a variety of places such as their home, school, family hubyouth club or even a coffee shop. They also run evening sessions in different youth clubs in the city.

The service is confidential in line with safeguarding policies. This means the worker would only discuss the young person with others if there was a risk of serious harm, and they would normally discuss this with the young person first if possible. DASS encourages parent involvement, but only where a young person is comfortable with this.

The service also offers confidential, supportive drop-in sessions for Portsmouth parents who have concerns or questions. This can be around their child’s substance use, or potential use of drugs or alcohol. These run from four different family hubs in the city. See below for details.

DASS also provides training to organisations and staff who work with young people to enable them to offer substance misuse support. Use the contact details below to find out more about this

Contact DASS

A young person can contact DASS directly if they want support, or an adult like a teacher or youth worker can contact the service on behalf of the young person if they have their permission.

Young people, parents or professionals can contact DASS by

Parent sessions at Family Hubs

DASS will be running supportive drop-in sessions for Portsmouth parents who are concerned about their child’s substance misuse. These will take place at the following family hubs between 11am and 1pm:

  • Monday 2 March – Paulsgrove Family Hub
  • Wednesday 18 March – Somerstown Family Hub
  • Monday 30 March – Northern Parade Family Hub
  • Tuesday 7 April – Buckland Family Hub
  • Monday 20 April – Paulsgrove Family Hub
  • Tuesday 5 May- Somerstown Family Hub
  • Monday 18 May – Northern Parade Family Hub
  • Tuesday 2 June – Buckland Family Hub
  • Monday 15 June – Paulsgrove Family Hub
  • Tuesday 30 June – Somerstown Family Hub
  • Monday 13 July – Northern Parade Family Hub
  • Tuesday 28 July – Buckland Family Hub
  • Monday 10 August – Paulsgrove Family Hub
  • Tuesday 25 August – Somerstown Family Hub
  • Monday 7 September – Northern Parade Family Hub