Early Help and Prevention
Specialist Family Support Worker – Role Scope
Substance Use (May 2018)

Direct work with families

The post holder will hold a caseload where there is a significant factor in the family’s identified needs relating to Substance Misuse. This work is likely to be more complex and challenging than the family work held by your family support worker colleagues.

There may be occasions where joint home visits are undertaken to support the lead professional with specific interventions or offer 1-1 support specifically for Substance Use/Misuse with young people.

Information, advice and guidance

This role is the ‘go to’ place for the provision of information, advice and guidance (IAG) regarding substance awareness. This will include support for workers who are working with young people at any substance use/misuse level however when deemed “Late at Risk”, the post holder will also offer casework support and record this additionally for the Public Health Database. The post holder can offer advice on the law, share up-to-date information and trends in the city and explain different substances and their effects.

This centres on having a robust knowledge of resources and tools to provide IAG for the Early Help and Prevention Service and the wider workforce.

In addition, the post holder will develop a robust professional network to ‘sign-post’ EHP colleagues and the wider workforce to when taking forward work with families. As part of this the post holder will be able to support practitioners to explore issues with families, identifying interventions and tools to use alongside their own profession knowledge.

Raising our profile across the city to develop our professional network by delivering specific workshops around substance use/misuse which can be tailored to meet the needs of the young person.

Team Around the Worker input

Developing professional relationships with key service providers across the city to ensure that there is a two-way understanding between Early Help and Prevention Service and other services. This will support both general inter-agency discussions and a more robust joint working model moving forward.

The post holder can also support young people with substance misusing parents, support realistic expectations and explain a behaviour change model.

Building on the existing delivery of relevant training for EHP colleagues and the wider workforce through workshops for front-line practitioners.

We can also support with completing the Substance Screening Tool, Specialist Substance Misuse Assessment and completing Risk/Care plans where appropriate with continued case file monitoring.

The family lead professional will record case specific advice and actions agreed within EHP team on relevant family files.

Strategy input

Finding appropriate opportunities to link with relevant strategy working groups and plans (i.e. DASS, SSJ).

Key Relationships

  • Drug and Alcohol Support Service
  • Society of St James
  • Schools
  • School Nursing
  • Youth Offending Team