Having a baby can be a time of immense joy, but it can also bring challenges and all families need some help to give their babies the best start in life.

Following the birth and until around 10 days, your midwife will continue to provide support. At around 2-3 weeks, your health visitor will visit you. Getting to know your baby and how they communicate can be hard but your health visitor can help. They’ll support families until your child starts school.

Our Start for Life and Family Hubs offer

Our start for life and family hubs offer booklet highlights everything available in Portsmouth, to support you the first few months and beyond.

Support at family hubs

Postnatal (after birth) courses

Breastfeeding and infant feeding

Stay and play groups

Wellbeing sessions

Your health visitor may also arrange appointments at the Family Hubs, and you can also find lots of support on Family Assist – an online platform with a wide range of information and resources for parents and their friends and families.

Support in other venues

There are some sessions that are still delivered through our Start for Life offer but run in other venues outside of family hubs. These include:

Beacon View Primary Academy

What’s on

See our Family Hubs timetables to see what classes, support and events are available to you.

Northern Parade Family Hub Timetable