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Portsmouth’s second carers strategy builds on the significant achievements of the 2011-2015 strategy.

Produced jointly by Portsmouth City Council, NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group, Solent NHS Trust and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust it covers carers of all ages.

The strategy has been written to follow on from the previous document and in response to the publication of the National Carers Strategy Second Action Plan 2014-2016.

The strategy and its two-year action plan sets out how we will improve carer identification and support across the health and social care system in Portsmouth.

This programme of work will meet the requirements of the National Carers Strategy, the Care Act 2014, Better Care Fund and locally identified needs and will continue to be monitored by the Carers Executive Board.

For more information or to find out how we can help, contact the Carers Centre on 023 9285 1864.

Carers strategy executive board

The executive board holds overall responsibility for ensuring that the Portsmouth Carers Strategy meets its commitments through its action planning and management processes. Members will report upwards within their organisations (PCC & NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group) to ensure that understanding of the strategy is widespread and at every level.

Executive board meeting 05 June 2017

Executive board meeting 23 January 2017

Executive Board 20 October 2016