Portsmouth is a member of the national Safe Places scheme. Organisations and businesses across the city have signed up to be Safe Places and can offer help if someone is anxious, scared or at risk while they are out and about and feel they need support.

Safe Places will provide a quiet and calm space for someone to sit. Staff will be able to listen to any problems, and can make a phone call to a family member, friend, or emergency services if necessary.

Safe Places will welcome any adult who feels vulnerable, particularly people with learning disabilities, dementia, mental health issues, physical disabilities, autism, and older people.

Businesses and organisations that are part of the Safe Places scheme will display a sticker in their window and will be listed on the free Safe Places app, which is available to download on all smartphones via the App store and Google Play.

Safe Places cards

Any adult can carry a Safe Places card with them. The card explains any special needs they might have and will list the name and number of a carer or family member to call in an emergency. If you feel you need help, you can visit a Safe Place and show your card.

If you would like a Safe Places card for yourself or a member of your family to carry, please email safeplaces@portsmouthcc.gov.uk and a card will be sent to you.

Sign up to be a Safe Place

If your organisation becomes a Safe Place, you’ll be added to the Safe Places app and be listed as a venue where someone will be looked after if they need help. To become a Safe Place, you must be open to the public and have public liability insurance in place.

As a Safe Place, you agree to:

  • Provide a safe and supportive environment
  • Contact emergency services if the vulnerable person has been victim of crime or needs medical help
  • Contact a loved one of the vulnerable person by telephone if necessary
  • Allow the person to wait on your premises until they feel safe to leave or until someone picks them up
  • Keep all your staff familiarised with the scheme so that they know what to do if a vulnerable person needs support
  • Advertise the scheme in your window and on our app
  • Notify the coordinator if you have questions or want to withdraw.

If you would like to become a Safe Place, please let us know. We’ll visit you, give you an induction, and if you’re happy, you will be added to the list of Safe Places in Portsmouth.

For more information, contact safeplaces@portsmouthcc.gov.uk or call 0300 123 4019.