A carer (unpaid or informal) is someone who cares for a family member, friend, or neighbour – they are not paid for the care they provide and the person they look after would not cope without their support.

Portsmouth Carers Service provides support for carers (aged 18 years and over) who look after someone living in postcodes PO1-PO6 (support depends on where the person you care for lives – not where you live).

If a carer is under 18 years old they are a Young Carer. Find out about support for Young Carers.

Portsmouth carers service

The Portsmouth Carers Service website is a dedicated one-stop-shop for carers in Portsmouth.

Here you will find many resources for carers and professionals, as well as details of how to access the service and what support is available.

If you are unsure if you are a carer, you can take the ‘Am I a Carer? Quiz’.

Support outside of Portsmouth

If you or the person you care for lives outside of postcodes PO1-PO6, you will need to go to the local authority for their home address and search ‘carers support’.

In Hampshire support for carers outside of PO1-PO6 is provided by Hampshire County Council. View their Carers support page to find out more.

For more information for carers like support groups, emergency planning and carers breaks, you can also visit: