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This page tells you about the support available for those adults who have difficulties with their hearing, vision or both hearing & vision.

Support for hearing and sight loss

The Service mission is to “Enhance my safety, independence and wellbeing”.

Common hearing difficulties that we can support with include:

  • Finding it difficult to follow a conversation
  • Complaints from family or neighbours about how loud you need to have your TV to hear it
  • Trouble hearing/responding to your smoke alarm (especially when sleeping at night)
  • Missing callers at the door or telephone because you couldn’t hear them

Common visual difficulties we can help with include:

  • Finding it difficult to read regular or large-print
  • Trouble making a hot drink or using kitchen appliances
  • Tripping or falling; bumping into people
  • Trouble with the lighting around the home
  • Struggling to identify your medication properly
  • Navigating your local area or planning routes
  • Using public transport

Please contact the Adults Sensory Team if you require:

  • advice
  • information
  • signposting
  • if you wish to discuss strategies to help in managing your sight &/or hearing  difficulties
  • if you would like an assessment of your needs.

    You can self-refer to our team without needing to see a health professional first, however, we do recommend you contact your GP if your sight or hearing has suddenly changed.

You can contact the sensory team by:

Sensory equipment shop

The sensory equipment shop is based on the second floor of Central Library in Guildhall Square. If you are interested in visiting, you need to make an appointment. Call 023 9282 9923 to speak to Julie, who can arrange this for you.

Julie will be there when you visit, and will be able to advise you on purchases and demonstrate equipment to you. She also runs IT classes and counselling for those with sight loss.

Groups for people with hearing or sight loss

You can find information about groups and support available in Portsmouth on the Healthwatch directory.