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The Care Act 2014 introduced the biggest changes seen in adult social care for over 60 years.

The Care Act affects all people who need social care as well as their carers, local authorities, care service providers, health services and the wider population.

All previous social care legislation was brought into a single place and there are new duties for local authorities.

The main focus of the act is to promote wellbeing and to support people helping them to maintain their independence.

The Act also says that individuals should have more choice around the care and services they use to support their needs.

Portsmouth City Council is undertaking work to ensure the different parts of the Care Act are successfully met. We are working with Portsmouth residents, carers and partner agencies to make sure our services continue to meet the needs of local residents.

Other significant parts of the Care Act make sure that:

  • People who pay for their own care will be offered support in assessing, planning and managing their care.
  • The government has created a new national eligibility threshold. This means the point at which everyone who becomes eligible for social care support is the same across the whole of the UK.
  • New rights for carers, give them the same recognition and parity with those they support.
  • There is a requirement for local authorities to provide information and advice to individuals, helping them make informed decisions about the best way they can choose and access care.
  • The Care Act provides a clear legal framework for how local authorities and other parts of the system should work together to protect adults at risk of abuse or neglect.

Please follow the link to view more detail about the Care Act and what’s changing on

The think local, act personal website ‘jargon buster’ provides information which helps to explain some of the language used in relation to the Care Act.

The Department of Health documents below include further details about changes the act brings.