Community equipment in Portsmouth is supplied by NRS Healthcare. They supply, deliver, collect and maintain the equipment issued to people with disabilities or health problems by health and care professionals to help them stay independent at home or in a care home. They also provide technical support and advice.

You can find advice and support about ordering and returning equipment on this page.

Ordering equipment

Only authorised clinical practitioners such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists and nurses can order community equipment. Your client must have received a needs assessment.

To order community equipment, you need a community equipment service (CES) personal identification number (PIN).

Get a PIN

Your manager will need to download a PIN Request Form from Iris, and send a completed copy of the PIN Request Form to

You’ll need to complete some online training about using the IRIS system before you can access it.

You’ll also be encouraged to complete face-to-face training about the type and use of equipment available.

Place an order

Once you have your PIN and have completed your online learning, you can place an order using the online system, Iris.

If your order exceeds your authorisation level, you’ll need approval from a senior colleague or budget holder.

You can also access certain items of equipment outside opening hours at small stores based in acute and community hospitals.

Returning equipment

Any equipment that is no longer needed should be returned to the NRS.

You can either return the equipment to the warehouse yourself or arrange collection by contacting NRS.

NRS contact details

Opening hours

  • Monday to Thursday: 9am – 5pm,
  • Friday 9am – 6pm,
  • Saturday 9am – 12 noon

NRS Healthcare
Units E6 And E9
Voyager Park
Portfield Road

Care home equipment policy

This document is for professionals and residential home providers and outlines:

  • what equipment can and should be provided to care homes
  • terms and conditions of loaning equipment to care homes.

View the care home equipment policy.